Fabulous Fall Leaf Crafts


There is a lot to like about autumn. Once the leaves start to fall it also means readily available supplies to make some stunning crafts. Depending on the types of trees that surround you, the leaves will vary in size and shape, often within one area. Gather some of the brightest and best and you’re on your way to making some stunning decor.

Leaf Wall Hanger

Combine dozens of leaves and create one large sized leaf wall hanging in the same shape of the leaves you are using by gluing the assortment together. Choose your favorite style and completely lay the project out before gluing. Using a stick, finish the look by creating a stem at the bottom.

Leaf Stamp

Spread paint lightly and evenly over a leaf and create a stamp that can be applied to a variety of materials. Use small lunch sacks to create gift bags or apply the stamp to a canvas for an original wall hanging. Use several and decorate an interesting space for the season. Plain material such as a napkin, a runner, a canvas bag or some gift tags can also be used as a backdrop for transferring your leaf design. A twist on the same project can be made by laying the leaf against the material you’d like to embellish and painting lightly around the outside of the leaf. When removed it will have a colorful outline of the shape of the leaf. Lay several out across a canvas and paint around the entire background to highlight the shape.

Candle Holder

Design a candle holder using the same technique as above. Place a leaf against a glass jar and paint the rest of the jar a fall color around the outside of the leaf. This will create a window into the jar in the shape of the leaf. Once it is dry place a votive candle inside. Tie a ribbon around the mouth of the jar and place some pebbles or other garnish around the bottom to securely hold the candle.


Using some of the things that you already have in your home, you can embellish them using a few little pieces of nature. Make a wreath out of the leaves you gather using florist’s wire or pins to join them together. Create a garland that can be used to decorate a fireplace mantle, entry way table or placed around a door frame. Add silk or dried flowers in small clusters to the leaves to frame a mirror. Glue some leaves to the outside of a picture frame and insert a stunning fall photo or a favorite saying about the season. Glue the brightest and best together in the shape of the first letter of your last name to make an original door hanging to greet your visitors.

Autumn is known for its splendor. Bring some of the warmth and color inside by creating a craft that you and your guests can enjoy for the entire season.


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