Decorating with Thrift Store Finds at Christmas Time


Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, you probably want to trim the tree and start decorating the house. Thanks to the thrifty nature of second-hand items, you can decorate and get ready for Christmas without breaking the bank. Here are some easy ways to save at your local thrift shop.

Christmas Trees

Have you went shopping for an artificial Christmas tree yet? A quality tree costs a couple hundred dollars at least. If you want a bigger and better tree, it will set you back about $400-$500. However, you can get a tree at a thrift store for much less. At your local thrift shop, you will probably Christmas trees for cheap. Just make sure the tree you purchase isn’t laden with dust and mold.


A box of 300 multi-colored minis can set you back at around $10. If you want them to twinkle, be prepared to shell out even more money. Thrift shops check these lights to make sure they work, if not you can always plug them in at the store and see if they work before you buy them. Thrift stores sell lights for about $1-$2, depending on where you live. That’s the kind of savings that adds up, especially if you plan to hang up lots of lights for the holidays.


Ornaments seem to be so costly. Some keepsake ornament cost between ten and a hundred dollars each. At a thrift store you can get a whole bag of ornaments for only a few dollars. Since these second-hand shops deal in recycled goods, they will have all kinds of ornaments for sale.

Holiday Dinnerware & Table Decor

A holiday dinnerware set can be quite costly. Thankfully, thrift stores have a variety of holiday plates, dishes and festive glasses. If you adore holiday cookie jars or candy dishes, this is the place to shop. The great thing about second-hand stores is that you never know what you will find.

Holiday Gifts on the Cheap

The bills that the holidays bring can be overwhelming. You want to be frugal, but you should never be cheap. Many stores have things that are new in the box. You don’t have to announce to everyone that you got these items second-hand. Re-gift what you already have and shop at your local thrift store for all the rest.

Wrapping Paper

Most dollar stores sell wrapping paper for a buck. However, the wrapping paper from the dollar store is often short on square footage. Even though you might think it’s trivial to search for a better deal, you will find tons of wrapping materials at a second-hand store. The best part is you may see cool retro paper or a cartoon character print that kids will love.

Festive Clothes

Do you have an ugly sweater contest to attend this year? What about a formal holiday party? You need the right outfits for both of these events. It would be pretty foolish to spend a ton of money on a sweater or gown/suit that you are only going to wear once; luckily thrift shops are a treasure trove of festive holiday clothing. Don’t spend tons of money on an ugly Christmas sweater when you can one cheap thrifting. You can even find a beautiful holiday dress or blazer for less than 10 dollars.


To get into the holiday spirit, you might display plenty of tchotchkes. These little knick-knacks seem to add a festive touch to your home. Having these little additions make the season seem merry and bright. Don’t buy overpriced items at retail stores when you can find beautiful items to decorate your home thrifting. Whether you want a manger scene, a Christmas village, few snowman or even penguins, thrift stores have it all. You can even find a few trinkets for the mantel and the end tables, making the house look festive.

Once you learn your way around a thrift store, you won’t want to shop retail again. Find a store that has items by the pound or fill a bag. These stores always encourage you to buy more than you need, but you can get more for less. Sometimes, you can find the greatest treasures in thrift stores. Remember the old saying “when everything old is new again?” Well, that saying plainly was written by someone who shopped thrift stores and garage sales.

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