Celebrate Fall 2019


Here are some of the best ways to take advantage of the autumn equinox.

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Begin your morning by waking up early enough to have a cup of hot pumpkin spice coffee that you make at home or grab on your way to work. Don’t forget to have a pumpkin spice flavored doughnut with your tasty coffee, and savor the breakfast while enjoying the colorful leaves on the trees.

Go for a Hike or Walk

Dress in a light jacket (if needed) to enjoy the cool breezes of autumn while hiking in the woods or walking at a park. Remember to bring along your dog or children for the adventure while you walk through the crunchy autumn leaves. Take time to sit on a bench or a log while enjoying nature before winter begins in a few months.

Go Apple Picking

Look for a nearby apple orchard that permits apple picking. Imagine bringing home several bags of delicious fresh apples that you can enjoy for tasty snacks. You can also preserve the apples in a variety of ways to have fruit for making pies or other desserts.

Go on a Hayride

There are farmers who provide hayrides for families during the autumn, and this is a fun activity that often includes visiting a barn to see animals. Your children can learn a lot from this type of first day of autumn activity.

Play Football

Football is a popular Fall sport, so you can arrange a game with your family and friends. After a long game of football, don’t forget to enjoy a great tailgate party with pulled pork barbecue sandwiches and potato chips. Bring along delicious beverages, such as warm apple cider and dark chocolate cocoa.

Visit a Haunted Corn Maze

During the autumn, a local farm might create a corn maze that involves walking along a pathway that is designed for getting you lost. This could be the perfect spooky adventure for you and your friends. You could spend hours in this type of maze trying to find your way out from the puzzling pathways.

Travel to a Pumpkin Patch

Find a pumpkin patch nearby so that you and your children can choose one or more fresh pumpkins. You can use the pumpkins to make jack-o’-lanterns, or alternatively, you can place the whole pumpkins on a home’s front porch. While looking for pumpkins, remember that you can also select gourds to use as decorations in your home.

Make a Scarecrow

If you want to create a fun front yard with Halloween decor, then you can try making a scarecrow. This craft is easy to make by having burlap bags to make the torso, head and legs of the scarecrow. You can use a pair of old blue jeans and a flannel shirt to make the scarecrow look attractive, but also, don’t forget to place a hat on its head.

Go Shopping for Warm Clothing

If you love to shop, visit the local mall on the first day of autumn to buy some new warm clothing that can include thicker sweaters, comfortable corduroy slacks and new fuzzy socks. Don’t forget that you might need sweatshirts, jackets and waterproof boots to cope with the autumn weather conditions! Everyone loves revamping their wardrobe with some new items for the season.

Plant Flower Bulbs for Next Spring

If you want to enjoy flowers that include daffodils, tulips and hyacinths, then you must plant the bulbs during the autumn. Plan ahead by having the bulbs for your lawns along with the tools you might need. Make sure you look into how deep and far apart to plant the bulbs should be to ensure proper blossoming.

Raking Leaves

By the first day of autumn, you may already have some dry leaves on your lawn. Use a rake to arrange leaves into deeper piles before having fun jumping into the items. Have your camera ready to take photographs of your children enjoying this fun outdoor activity.

Arrange a Quilting Bee

It may sound unconventional but you’re going to need warm bed covers for the autumn season. Having some friends over in your free time could be perfect to catch up and make a new memory! To have a quilting bee, you will need quilting frames to hold the larger section of backing fabric along with the previously cut squares or triangles for the top of the quilt. Make sure to have plenty of thread, needles and chairs for anyone you choose to invite.

Make a Bird Feeder

It is important to provide birdseed for the birds that remain in your area during the autumn, so you can make a bird feeder to hang in a tree in your home’s backyard. By using old soft drink bottles, sections of wire and aluminum pie plates, it is an easy way for you to make bird feeders.


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