Big Benefits of Small Business Saturday


November 25th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is Small Business Saturday. American Express helps promote small business shopping around the country, making it a nationwide movement. Businesses around the country sign up to be part of the Shop Small Movement.

Supports the Local Community

Small Business Saturday encourages people to support local businesses in the community. This helps to drive sales at mom-and-pop stores that might normally struggle to compete with big chain department stores. Did you know that if you shop locally, the tax revenue benefits the entire community? This helps circulate the money spent back into the community, benefitting public services, including schools, libraries, fire and police departments. By shopping locally you indirectly help these community organizations. Local small business owners also usually follow “the good neighbor policy” and give back to schools, events and teams in the community. This helps boost the local economy and even create jobs.

Customer Incentives

Besides benefitting the local community and economy, there are also plenty of consumer incentives for shopping on Small Business Saturday. American Express offers financial incentives/statement credit to card holders. Many stores give freebies and discounts to shoppers on Small Business Saturday. Some towns even offer special chamber of commerce discount cards.

Unique Selection of Gifts

Shopping for holiday gifts can be stressful. It can be difficult to pick a gift that suits someone’s personality while avoiding purchasing items he/she might already have. Small shops tend to have more of a unique selection and product diversity than big-box stores that carry the same dozen gift ideas. Small boutique shops carry rare, one-of-a-kind or locally made goods, which make extraordinary holiday gifts. Some specialty items might even be less expensive in-store than they would be if they were ordered offline. If you want to give a delightful and thoughtful gift this season, browse the selection at your local small shops.

No Lines or Crowds

Chain stores are crowded and packed during the holiday season and trying to get assistance or help is almost impossible. It is hard to find parking, get a dressing room and you have to wait on incredibly long lines in order to make a purchase. Small businesses usually offer better customer service and are less crowded.

Good Customer Service

Local stores also give you a sense of community, they look to build relationships not just make a quick transaction. Have you ever walked into a local business and they know you by name? Now that’s service! It is always nice to be recognized and receive valuable assistance when you are trying to select a gift for your friends, family and loved ones.

Social Rewards

Help spread the word about Small Business Saturday in your community. Share you experience by taking a photo at your favorite local store and posting it up on your social media feed. Apps like FourSquare let you check in and show your friends and family where you are shopping. Some stores even reward customers who use this app on Small Business Saturday. This holiday season join the nationwide movement and shop on Small Business Saturday.

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