Awesome Autumn Decorating Ideas


Are you ready to embrace fall and make your home coordinate with the coming season? Check out some of the fun decorating ideas for autumn that will transform your home.

Use Pedestals

If you love baking and sharing baked goods with others, you probably have a few cake stands tucked away in your cabinet. Autumn is the perfect time to get those stands out and create a display that visitors will love. White stands and pedestals are great because white puts the focus on your decorations, but you might want to go with black stands when creating a Halloween display. Use the pedestals to display vintage Halloween decorations, fake pumpkins or even some garlands made from artificial leaves.

Make a Quilt the Focal Point in the Room

Fall brings to mind images of cuddling up under a heavy blanket and sitting next to a roaring fire. Those thoughts will run through your mind all season long when you make a quilt the focal point of your room. This idea is great for your entryway and right next to your front door, but you can also use one in your bedroom or living room. Use a rack to hang the quilt on the wall, this decoration will have a big impact in the room.

Pumpkins Aren’t Just for Pie

Even though many people think of pumpkins as a Halloween decoration, these vegetables begin appearing in stores towards the end of summer. You can use traditional orange pumpkins to decorate or you can also use spray paint to change the color. Stencils and different shades of paint can also give your pumpkins some pizzazz.

Create Elegant Candle Holders

Transform candle holders that you have at home, the dollar store or flea market into elegant decorations for the season. The best candle holders are those that look like glasses or tumblers. Look for artificial leaf garlands with metal wiring inside that you can easily wrap around your candle holders. You can also use hot glue to adhere the garland to the candle holders or you might use the holders to display miniature pumpkins instead of candles.

Choose Warmer Colors

Colors that people associate with winter are blue and white, though some think of red and green as it gets closer to Christmas. Summer brings brighter colors that remind us of beach vacations and summer trips. To get your home ready for the fall season, you will want to bring in some warmer colors including shades including barn red, pumpkin orange and leaf brown. Instead of changing your furniture, bring in some blankets and pillows in with fall shades that you can use around your home.

Consider Going White

Even though white might not be the first color that you think about using for fall, it can create a great look when used inside or out. Search thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and dollar stores for inexpensive white vases. If you can only find vases in other colors that you can spray paint white. Place your vases on a table inside or outside and decorate with some white pumpkins and other basic decor. You can also use gold accents to really make your tablescape pop.

Use Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

What fruits and vegetables do you think about when fall arrives? Most people think of apples, pumpkins and squash. Use any of these vegetables to decorating your home for the fall season. Fill an old apple basket with a batch of apples that you picked at a local orchard, place pumpkins along the steps or walkway leading up to your home and carve different types of squash into vases that you can use for displaying your favorite flowers and herbs.

Change the Way Your Home Smells

You can use air fresheners and deodorizers to make your home smell better this fall, but you can also use natural items to enhance the smell. One of the best scents that of the season is cinnamon and most grocery stores sell natural cinnamon sticks. Try wrapping ordinary candles with the sticks and using twine to keep the sticks secured to the candle. As you burn the candles, the heat from the wick will heat up the sticks and make the scent of cinnamon float around your home.

Make a Glass Display

All you need to make a glass display is a few glass jars and some decorations to place inside those jars. Fill the jars with artificial leaves in shades of red, orange and brown mimicking the look of the leaves changing outside. You can also use apples, cinnamon sticks, small Halloween decorations and anything else that reminds you of the season. To make a larger display, fill a terrarium with your decorations and place the terrarium in a central area of your home.

Use Books

Search your children’s rooms for some of the books they read and loved over the years. You can use those books to create a display over your fireplace or anywhere else in your room. Many thrift stores put out cheap books for kids that you can use in your display that will remind you of the upcoming holiday every time you look at those decorations.
Fall is the time of year when the temperature drops, you start wearing warmer clothing and your family spends more time inside. When decorating for the season, try incorporating some of these festive décor ideas in your home.


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