Ways to Start Pet-Sitting


If baby-sitting has never been your area of expertise, you may have a golden opportunity for a part-time job by taking care of fur babies. There are several things you should consider prior to starting a pet-sitting business, but in the end all you need is personal motivation and a love for pets.

Before Beginning Consider

• How much prior experience do you have taking care of pets?
• What will you charge for your time?
• Will you pet-sit at clients homes or at your own house?
• Is there anything that sets you apart from other sitters?

In many ways, taking care of pets can be a more daunting task than watching children. Whereas older children can indicate their needs and desires, you are left to determine what makes a cat or dog tick. The best way to mitigate any issues is to be fully prepared before accepting your first client. Use the advice below to outline your plans for success.

Determine Services and Rates

Decide what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. Are comfortable and willing to pet-sit at a client’s home? If yes, be prepared to provide your own transportation and food. You should also decide if you will offer overnight pet-sitting and trips to the vet or the groomers.

Once you have determined which services are on the table, you should apply basic rates for those services. Remember to be realistic based on your location and your abilities. Do you have any certificates that guarantee the quality of your pet care? If not, you may need to adjust your rates.

Create an Online Presence

You can’t start a pet-sitting business if you don’t get the word out to potential clients. There are a variety of options for promoting your pet-sitting services on the internet, including a Facebook page, a web page, or other social media platforms. You should also feel comfortable reaching out to your friends and asking them to share with their contacts.

Join several online platforms that link local pet-sitters to potential clients. Some websites allow users to create profiles on their app. As a pet-sitter, you can create a personal profile that tells clients on the app everything they need to know about the services you can provide. This can even include the distance you are willing to travel from your current location.

Start Today

Once you begin planning, your pet-sitting business is bound to take off. Take the initiative and start today. You be rewarded with extra income and get to spend your free time with a variety of pets with unique personalities.


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