Fun Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog


Did you know that your canine companion can also be a great motivator for your workout? Incorporate Fido into your fitness routine once the weather gets warm and you both will benefit from physical activity. Also, if your pup is on the upward climb to doggy obesity, some exercise can improve your pet’s health.


The Hide and Seek Squats
• Stand directly in front of your canine and have your feet at hip-width apart.
• Slightly turn out your toes and hold up your dog’s favorite treat.
• Squat and put the trade under the left leg of your dog.
• Stand up and hold this treat up with the left hand and hold it.
• Do 10 reps in total.

Puppy Pop up Jacks
• Crouch on the floor next to your puppy and hold the toy in front with both of your hands.
• Leap up and spread your arms into a “V.”
• Bring your feet back to the beginning position and repeat the exercise 10 times.
• Alternate the hand you use from each jump to hold the attention of your dog.

Outdoor Activities

Jogging with Your Dog
Run with your dog on the leash as part of the workout routine. When you first begin, you will want to start using an easy walk harness. This is because it lets you train your dog, and especially if he’s a puppy, he will first need to learn how it gets used. After a while of using it, however, your dog will learn how to run right alongside you. When you jog with your dog, you may want to get him little dog booties as protection for his paws. Otherwise, after a while of running on pavement, the rough surface can scratch them and cause bleeding. Always run with a leash for your dog because this will stop the pup from excitedly running too far ahead or running out into busy traffic.

Hiking with Your Dog
Moments hiking with your dog that remind you of why they call the canine, “man’s best friend.” Before you set out on a hiking journey, pack all the essentials. Like humans, dogs must have enough to drink and eat if they will get the most from the exercise. You will want to bring along a bowl for food and drink.

Playing Fetch
Every dog owner should teach his dog how to play fetch. You can do this with a tennis ball, chew toy or a Frisbee. Dogs that like to retrieve items will love the workout. The tug-of-war game that can ensue can be a good exercise for you as well. However, you have to exercise caution when pulling in the tug-of-war game because you don’t want to loosen your pup’s teeth. For the best experience with this, we recommend doing it for a specific length of time every day. In this way, your dog will come to expect the exercise, and you will both get a workout in doing it.

Kayaking with Man’s Best Friend
If you have a smaller dog, take him out on a kayak. A smaller breed can safely sit closer to the front, and you can teach your furry companion how to get in and out of the kayak. First, you will want to teach him how to do this on land because it will save you from tipping over. Next, you will want to teach him in shallower water. If your pet seems a bit nervous, you might lay out a mat for him to get traction with his paws. You can also let your dog paddle alongside you as an exercise for him. At the same time, your arms and your core body gets a great workout and burns hundreds of calories. In fact, a 125-pound individual will burn 283 calories per hour, while the average 200-pound person will burn 397 calories per hour, which becomes a fantastic way to lose weight.

Exercising your dog can extend his lifetime because it gives him better health. Any exercise will be good for your dog, but remember you should take it slow at first to avoid any injuries.


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