Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day


National Dog Day is the perfect time for having fun your dog. Here are several ways to celebrate with your furry friend.

Read a Book About Dogs to Your Dog

Visit your local public library to find books about dogs. After bringing your library books home, you can sit on the couch with your dog next to you while you enjoy a few hours of reading.

Take Your Dog On a Walk

Your dog needs exercise, and you can also benefit from a walk. Attach a leash to your dog’s collar while you are walking through your neighborhood or at a nearby park. Make sure to follow the guidelines in your region for cleaning up after your dog so that you aren’t offending anyone else. It is good idea to take your dog for a long walk at least three times a week.

Drop Off Donations at a Local Animal Shelter

Donate old towels, sheets or blankets in addition to dog food and treats to your local shelter, the animals there will appreciate the love and supplies.

Groom Your Dog

Treat your pup to a day at a doggy spa. Get your dog washed and groomed to show how much you appreciate him/her on National Dog Day.

Train Your Dog

National Dog Day is the perfect time to sign up a new pet for obedience school. Your pet should understand certain verbal commands such as heel, sit and down so that you can control a dog’s behavior while you are out in public.

Adopt a Dog From a Shelter

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog from a shelter, then you can do this on National Dog Day. Make sure to do your homework first so that you can choose a puppy or adult dog that is appropriate for your home and lifestyle. In addition, prepare ahead of time by having a bed, food and toys for your new pet.

Visit a Dog Show

Many dog owners enjoy showcasing pets at a dog show, and you can find amateur and professional events. There are dog shows that have judging contests for the most attractive animal in each type of breed, but there also dog shows that feature behavioral, obedience or agility training. Visiting dog shows is a great way to decide what type of purebred dog that you want to own, and you can also meet responsible breeders to buy a puppy.

Play Games With Your Dog

Your dog will enjoy playing games, including fetching a stick or ball. You can buy a bottle of bubble solution at a toy store so that you can blow bubbles for your dog to chase after. There are also toys that you can buy at a pet store that make it easy to play tug-of-war.

Take Your Dog To a Professional Photographer

Bring your dog to a professional photographer who specializes in taking pet photographs. The photographer will likely have props such as toys or hats for your dog, but you can also bring along your own items to create a fun photograph. A photographer will also have backdrops of different scenes so that you can have a beautiful photograph of your dog.

Have a Party For Dogs

You can have a party for your dog and your friend’s dogs by planning an outdoor event that has fun games, animal-friendly food and music. While your pets are having an enjoyable time, make sure that the pet owners are also having a blast with a barbecue dinner that includes hot dogs and potato chips.

Make Homemade Dog Treats

If it is a rainy day, then you can make homemade treats for your dog. Check out some DIY dog trats you can make, here or look for recipes at online websites that are healthy for your dog or puppy. This is a fun activity with children, but make sure to supervise with the electronic appliances and hot stove while you are making and baking the dog treats.

Give Your Dog a Massage

When you own an older dog, the animal may have arthritic joints and sore muscles, but on National Dog Day, you can give your pet a soothing massage. You can find dog-friendly lotions or emollient oils to use on your pet, and some of these products are also helpful for eliminated fleas that thrive on your pet’s skin and fur.

Make Your Dog an Internet Star

If you think that your pet is the cutest dog on the planet, and then create a website about your pet. You can find ways to post photographs and videos of your dog so that anyone can see how smart and fun your pet is.

Buy or Build a New Doghouse

Your pet needs a safe place to relax outside, and when your pet has a doghouse that is falling apart, it is time to buy or build a new one for your dog. You can find free blueprint designs for building a gorgeous doghouse, or you can buy a ready-made structure for your pet.

Sew a Fun Costume For Your Dog

When you want an original Halloween costume for your dog, begin early by creating a pattern and buying the materials for the outfit. You can spend National Dog Day making your pet’s Halloween costume so that it is ready for the holiday.

Go Camping With Your Dog

If your dog doesn’t spend enough time in nature, then plan a camping trip with your pet. In addition to having a tent and sleeping bag for you, it is essential to bring along the items required for your dog so that your pet has a great time in the woods.

Enroll Your Dog In a Yoga Class

When you love performing yoga postures, you can find classes that accept dogs. In this type of yoga class, your dog becomes part of the yoga routine, and this can make getting physically fit more fun.


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