Ways to Spoil Your Pet on National Puppy Day


National Puppy Day is upon us! While we love our puppy friends all day every day, this holiday is a chance to indulge your pup. If you’re a dog-obsessed puppy owner, here are ways to spoil your best fur-friend on this special day.

New Ways to Pamper Your Pup

Our dogs are there for us 24/7, on our good days and even our not-so-good days. So it makes sense that we show them our full appreciation on National Puppy Day. Whether that means going for an extra long walk, hitting the dog park, or buying the best dog treats, our dogs should know how much we love them.

1. Adopt a New Friend

It’s likely you’ve already found your forever fur-friend, but if you haven’t it’s time to give a puppy the biggest gift of all, a new home. One of the greatest ways to celebrate National Puppy Day is by adopting a new furry friend. If you already have a pup in your life, don’t hesitate to gift your dog with a new puppy buddy. The more dogs the better and your pup will be happy to have another dog friend to play with.

Dogs at shelters need as much love as any other pup. Even if you can’t keep a dog in your home forever, it’s a good idea to spend National Puppy Day acting as a foster puppy parent. This means you get to spoil a dog for a week or two, sharing your puppy love with a well-deserving fur friend.

2. Pet Tags with Personalized Messages

Dog tags may not be the most glamorous present for your dog, but they’re a necessary part of any pup’s daily outfit. A great way to treat your dog on National Puppy Day is to get some blinged out pet tags that are personalized with your puppy’s name, your information, or any special nicknames you have for him or her. As you search for your new tags, consider customizing the style and the design. Choose a color or pattern that fits your dog’s fashion sensibilities and personality well. With these personalized pet tags, your puppy will be looking like the new dog on the block.

3. Spice Up Your Dog-Walking Gear

There’s nothing like a good walk to put your puppy in a playful mood. What’s even better than a nice walk? New walking gear. Also, consider adding a pet umbrella to your dog’s caddy of things. A pet umbrella attaches to your dog’s leash, keeping your puppy dry and providing shade.

Next, consider stocking up on cozy sweaters, jackets for your dog and maybe even sneakers. By the time the colder months roll in, your puppy will be happy for the extra warmth. When summer is at its hottest, the sneakers will protect your puppy’s paws from the hot ground.

4. Sign Up For Monthly Puppy Boxes

These boxes are a monthly subscription for you and your pup. You can start your subscription off with a one month plan or you can choose a longer one. Longer plans are cheaper in the long run and let your pup enjoy the puppy boxes for months at a time. With these boxes, your puppy will always have something to look forward to every 31 days.

5. Bed with a Canopy

Do your dog a favor and spice up their bedroom life. Whether that means transforming their doggy bed to a memory foam mattress or exchanging their kennel for a canopy, getting a new luxury bed will change your puppy’s life. With a softer bed, your pet will always be comfortable as they rest through the days. A canopy bed will help cool your dog off during the hotter days of summers.

6. Special Bathroom Bags

While gifting your puppy with poop bags may seem like a selfish present, it’s actually a very helpful idea. While dog poop isn’t something we like to think of, it’s a fact of life and must be dealt with. Having a large stash of waste bags will help keep your pet’s poop out of the neighbor’s grass and off your lawn. While these bags are more human-friendly than any treat for your dog, you’ll find that your puppy is happier being completely taken care of on both ends.

7. Treat Dispenser and Video Chat

Welcome to the age of technology. With a special type of treat dispenser, you can use a device to stream live video with your dog. This means no more waiting to get home to talk to your dog, you can video chat from anywhere. Whether you’re at the office, running errands, or just out with friends, you can use this to stay in contact with your dog and use the handy treat dispenser to reward them as well.

This video streaming treats giving machine is a great way to stay on top of your dog’s daily activities, as well as keep them company throughout the day. You can give the treats as frequently as you like, whether you are just spoiling them or rewarding them for completing a trick.

This National Puppy Day, treat your dog to the good life with this great list of treats. Try one or try them all, your dog will bark praises.


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