Pet Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


If you have a fur baby you would like to spoil on Valentine’s Day, you won’t find a lack of gifts. From food to beds and toys to IDs, celebrate the day by remembering those who give their unconditional love.

Gifts for Cats

Kitty beds
Cats enjoy snuggling inside a kitty bed, especially if it has back and side bolsters it can lean against. Cats also find tents irresistible and they’re available in cat sizes and colors to match your pet’s temperament and your furnishings.

Laser toys
While a few kitties know the difference between real prey and the laser pointer, those who don’t will enjoy chasing down the elusive beam. They’re inexpensive and great exercise for cats of all ages.

Catnip toys
Most cats find catnip irresistible. A bag of loose organic catnip is a fine gift for the cat who is a picky eater. Some will eat food they otherwise would not touch when it’s lightly topped with a sprinkle of the ‘nip.

Cat music
Did you know there is a special genre of music just for cats? The repertoire is small and available online for free. Download songs for your furry friend. The music will range from stimulating to relaxing.

Gift baskets
Create a padded gift basket filled with treats and toys for your feline. You can include treats in pouches, cans of wet cat food and canned tuna.

Bubbles made for cats are safe for felines to chase around and some are even laced with catnip extract for even more excitement. Cats love toys adorned with feathers and those made from plush fabrics.

Gifts for Dogs

Dog beds
There’s no limit on the size, color, or filling inside beds for dogs. Some even use memory foam pads with washable covers for dogs with arthritis. If the dog is more the couch-potato type, consider a washable couch or chair throw to match the décor.

Dog treats

Dogs are omnivores, which mean they can eat some grains and vegetables, along with meat. Bake up a batch of homemade doggie treats that are healthy and loaded with your heartfelt affection for the dog.
Try some of our homemade dog treat recipes here:
DIY Dog Treats Your Pet Will Love
You can also buy doggie treats from specialty websites and grocery stores where you’ll find dog chews and rawhide.

Dog sweaters and booties
Small dogs are especially susceptible to winter’s cold and jackets, sweaters and boots will keep them warmer. If the pooch lives in a warm climate, boots will prevent its paws from burning on hot pavement during the summer.

Gift baskets
Gift baskets are just as fun to buy or put together for canines as they are for felines. Include doggie dental treats, healthy snacks, toys suitable for the age and size of the dog, and maybe a new leash or collar.

Dog toys
Balls, squeaky toys, Frisbees, old t-shirts tied into knots are all good dog toys. Play is a significant activity that keeps the dog stimulated and engaged.

Cats or Dogs

If you have any pet photos, turn them into something useful and memorable. Online and local retailers can imprint the photos onto coffee cups, calendars, mouse pads, t-shirts and quilt blocks. You can also find artists online who will take the photos and transform them into original artwork to treasure for decades.

Some pets are prone to wandering and a Wi-Fi collar-mounted camera or GPS unit will help track them 24/7. You could also foot the bill for a health checkup with the pet’s veterinarian and include the cost of an identifying microchip for the pet.

Food bowls
How about matching, personalized water and food bowls for the feline or canine that has everything? Get several to make sure that the dishes are always clean.


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