How to Keep your Dog’s Beds, Bowls and Toys Clean


A clean dog is synonymous with a healthy dog, and this means that their belongings such as bedding, bowls, and toys should always be fresh. Dirty dishes and linens will not only negatively impact your dog’s health but will also lead to foul odors in your home. Here is a guide on how to keep your doggy’s crate, bowls, and beddings in excellent condition.

Blankets and Bedding

Clean bedding not only minimizes your pet’s smells but also helps in ensuring that their coat and skin looks and feels healthy as well. Pets that spend a reasonable amount of time outdoors tend to come into contact will all kinds of gooey things during their explorations. They will then bring home all these germs, allergens, pests, and bacteria – and straight into their bedding.

Perform a weekly wash of their bedding using a mild, perfume-free detergent using the highest temperatures recommended. Even though hot water is effective at disinfecting and cleaning, it can also cause the detachable bed cover to shrink, making it difficult to put it over the foam insert once it has dried up. Check and see whether you can machine wash the insert as well. If possible, make sure you do so. If it’s not possible, hands wash using hot water and a mild detergent.
Incorporate white vinegar into this mix to eliminate odors. Avoid washing your doggie’s items together with yours; it may transfer hairs onto your clothes.

If your furry friend shares your bed, ensure that you wash your bedding every week. This also goes for your household blankets that your dog loves to curl up in. You can also have two sets of bedding that you can alternate weekly to avoid all the hassle.


Your dog’s crate must also undergo routine cleaning. How often you clean it will depend on how they use it. Nevertheless, vets recommend that you wash down the container on a weekly basis if they use it regularly.

Most crates are typically wire or plastic, and thus, they are relatively easy to clean. Use a hose and mild detergent to wash the outside, and towels or sponges to clean the inside. Utilize a disinfectant consisting of a solution of one part vinegar and one part water to fight the bacteria. Let the disinfectant sit on the crate’s surfaces for about 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Water and Food Bowls

The National Safety Federation found out that pet bowls are among the germiest items in American households. Food and water dishes provide the ideal environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. Vets ask pet owners to clean bowls daily. Fresh and clean water is vital to your pet’s health; bacteria-ridden bowls are likely to upset your furry friend’s stomach. Fortunately, most pet dishes are dishwasher-safe, thus making them easy to disinfect and clean. You could also wash them using soap and hot water. It is wise to have an extra set or two of pet dishes to facilitate smooth rotation.

Stainless-steel and ceramic bowls are meant to last, while plastic ones need regular replacing. If there are bumps and scratches on plastic bowls, it’s time to replace them because bacteria hides inside those crevices.

If your doggo has a drinking fountain, ensure that you thoroughly clean it regularly, fountains are also susceptible to getting slimy and dirty. Make sure to wash the fountain out with hot water and soap every week. To prevent any lime buildup, soak the fountain dish in warm vinegar then wipe it with a scouring pad, and then rinse it.


When looking to purchase a specific toy for your dog, consider its durability and washability. Dog toys are amongst the top ten germiest spots in your home. They form breeding grounds for yeast, mold, and coliform bacteria. Hand wash your pet’s toys using mild dish soap and hot water. Toys can be placed on the dishwasher’s top shelf for a deeper clean and the softer ones can be run through the washing machine for sanitizing. Remember to wash these toys separately from your clothing.

Keeping your dog’s belongings is a clean and vital part of keeping them healthy. This will not only minimize your visits to the vet but will also ensure that your home stays odor- and germ free. Buy items that can be easily washed and disinfected and you’ll have a clean, healthy, and happy pet.


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