Benefits of Adopting a Cat


Choosing a new pet can be overwhelming. An estimated 94.2 million cats currently live in American households. Learn the numerous benefits, both physical and psychological, of adopting a cat.

You Can Save Lives

According to The National Kitten Coalition, an estimated 3.4 million cats are brought into shelters every year. Sadly, approximately 1.3 million of them are euthanized annually.
When you adopt a cat or kitten from a shelter, you not only save his life, but you also open up valuable cage space to house another cat in need. Adoption is a terrific way to actively prevent needless deaths.

Cats Provide You With Health Benefits

Did you know that the simple act of petting a cat has been shown to boost endorphin levels in the body? Endorphins are natural opiates that work to ease pain and reduce stress. After careful research, Dr. Adnan Qureshi concluded that cat ownership could effectively reduce the risk and help to prevent heart disease in at-risk patients.

Cat owners tend to have healthier heart rates and lower blood pressure, even in elevated stress situations, than those who do not own cats. Studies have shown that children who are raised with cats in the home have a lower risk of developing allergies and other breathing issues.

Adopting Saves You Money

Most shelters go to great lengths to ensure that each cat up for adoption is healthy and fit. Any adoption fees cover the cost of spaying/neutering, vaccinations, flea treatment, and any medical intervention that was needed for the animal. Thanks to the shelter, you do not have to worry about a costly trip to the veterinarian right away.

On average, cats are less expensive to care for than dogs are. According to Insurance Information Institute, vet bills, treats and supplements, grooming costs, toys, and boarding fees all tend to be cheaper for cats.

Cats Are Clean

Very little training is required to convince a cat to use a litter box. In fact, most cats just need to be shown where it is located, and they will instinctively get the right idea. Grooming is a favorite pastime for cats. They will happily spend long periods of time carrying out their beauty regimen. Although they do shed a bit, they do not need much brushing or regular baths and are quite capable of keeping themselves clean and odor free.

No Barking

Aside from the occasional meow and the comforting sound of purring, cats are relatively quiet pets. They will not go berserk and bark incessantly whenever someone comes to the door or a loud truck drives by. The few sounds cats do make are rather quiet, enjoyed by most people, and are not likely to make you the most hated person on the block.

You Will Bring Home a Fantastic Source of Entertainment

The situations that cats often find themselves in are bound to regularly delight you and your family. The fact that there are thousands of hysterical videos to enjoy that feature cats and their playful antics is evidence enough to convince even the most doubtful that cats are truly entertaining.

It is true that cats cherish their sleep and spend a good portion of their day playing. Simple items from around the house can be used to entice a cat to play. A shoestring or ribbon dangling just out of reach will keep him occupied for a while and have you chuckling at his various attempts to reach the prize. You can also drag a piece of rope or yarn on the floor as you walk around to tempt a cat to demonstrate his supreme stalking skills.

Long Lifespan

An indoor cat can be expected to live, on average, between 13 and 17 years, although it is not uncommon for some to live past the age of 20. That is a long time to make many happy memories with your kitty.

Cats Tend to Be Low Maintenance and Independent

Cats generally require much less care than dogs do. Fresh food and water, litter box maintenance, an occasional trip to the vet, and love are really all that a cat needs to stay happy and healthy.

Owners of cats need not be quite as tethered to home as dog owners often are. Cats tend to do quite well when left alone for most of the day and do not experience the separation anxiety that frequently plagues dogs. As long as food and water are provided, cats can even be left on their own overnight.

You Are Protecting Your Home From Rodent Infestations

The ability to rid a home of rodents and prevent future invasions comes naturally to cats, and most will relish the opportunity to annihilate these pests. The mere scent of a cat on the premises is typically enough to deter even the boldest of rodents.

No Long Daily Walks Required

If the idea of several long walks per day, no matter what the weather, is not exactly your cup of tea, then a cat might be the perfect pet for you. No self-respecting cat wishes to be subjected to this kind of treatment. Cats much prefer to lounge on the couch or curl up on a sunny windowsill.

Cats Make Great Companions

Some people mistakenly believe that all cats are aloof creatures that do not have much use for people at all. Well, this is simply not true. Cats can indeed be quite affectionate and become very attached to their owners.

Cats express their desire and need for affection in a variety of ways. When in the mood for some love and attention, cats will often walk in figure-eights around their owner’s legs until they are picked up and cuddled. Other times, they will hop up onto the owner’s lap, snuggle down, and purr contentedly. Some cats will shower their caregiver with kitty kisses.

Caring for a cat can help to relieve feelings of loneliness and bring a sense of purpose to a desolate caregiver. They provide you with a source of unconditional love and friendship.
Adopting a cat can be a life changing experience. You will not only save the life of an animal but also enrich your own. The health benefits, entertaining moments, ease of care, and lasting friendship should be reasons enough to make you want to head over to the local shelter and meet your new cat companion today


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