Ways to Avoid a Winter Fitness Rut


It’s easy to stop achieving your fitness goals in the wintertime. It’s easy to crave foods, be lazy and get sick during this time of the year. Studies have shown that those who hibernate during the wintertime consume an extra 800 calories a day. Here are some tips to avoid a fitness rut during winter:

Start in the Morning

Before you start your day, you may want to consider exercising. Many people exercise before they start their day to feel energized.

Dress in Layers

If you’re going to exercise outside, you’ll want to wear multiple layers of clothing. You can remove the layers of clothing if you feel warmer. Wear a breathable base layer, a wind-resistant top layer and reflective clothing to let drivers know that you’re there.

Change Your Routine

If you regularly exercise outside and the weather isn’t cooperating, don’t stop working out. Instead, try exercising inside your home. If you normally run or jog outside, run up and down the stairs in your home or apartment building. Some malls even have indoor walking clubs.

Get a Partner

Exercising with somebody is one of the best ways to increase accountability. By forcing yourself to exercise with somebody, it may increase your effort and keep you on a schedule.

Be on a Diet

Stick to a diet and watch what you eat. However, it’s acceptable to eat sweets or junk food in moderation. Make sure to keep hydrated during the wintertime to avoid dehydration.

Change Your Diet

If you’re already on a diet, you may want to change it. Since it’s cold during the wintertime, people like to stay indoors, watch TV and eat comfort foods. Choose a diet that’s full of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables after all, you don’t’ want to erase all the hard work you’ve done exercising.

Go to Bed Earlier

If you’re accustomed to getting up early and going to the gym, don’t let wintertime disrupt your routine. You can improve your chances of getting up early in the morning by going to bed earlier the night before. Your body will naturally want to go to bed earlier since it gets dark after dinnertime. When you adjust your sleep cycle in the winter, you’re more likely to get into a routine.

Measure Yourself

Keep track of your weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate, body fat and measurements to monitor of your progress. If you see positive changes, it will motivate you to keep working hard.


Listen to music while you’re exercising. Music will motivate you, distract you from the pain and help time pass quickly while you’re working out.

Have a Gym in Your House

Having gym equipment in your house is a great way to make workouts easier during the winter. Invest in equipment such as a resistance bands, a medicine ball, a jump rope or free weights. This way you don’t have to worry about going out in the cold to the gym, everything you need will be right there.

Limit Your Exercise Time Outdoors

Did you know that you may be burning more calories while exercising outside in cold temperatures? Your body works harder to regulate its temperature in cold weather which means you do not need to exercise as long to get the same effects.

Set a Goal

Think about what you want your fitness goal to be and try to achieve it. Be sure to set a reasonable goal that you think you can accomplish.

If you need help with your exercise routine during the wintertime, you may want to consider getting help from a professional. They can help you develop a routine and encourage you if the tips above don’t inspire you.


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