Trendy New Bob Haircut for Summer


Summer is fast approaching and not only is it important to get fitness ready, but also hair ready. Regardless of where you live, Summer heat can be a lot, so having the perfect hairstyle to accommodate the hot weather is always a great idea. The bob haircut was for a point in time considered to be an outdated hairstyle, but it has slowly gained back its trendiness in recent years. When done right for your face shape, it can really enhance the beautiful features you already have.

Straight Bob Cut

Kim Kardashian resorted to a classic straight bob cut for the summer. The shoulder grazing hairstyle is not just trendy but perfect for moms to stay cool during the hot season. Unlike other types of bob cuts, this straight one length style is very easy to maintain. It is definitely the perfect type of bob for those of you who have longer or more square shaped faces. 

Angled Bob Cut

Posh or Victoria Beckham is notorious for her short hairstyles throughout her career as a performer and now designer. The angled Bob cut is often the style that most women are intimidated by but happens to be one of the best types to get. It is perfect for rounder shaped faces, as it cuts through the face to create the illusion of a longer more oval shaped face. If the straight bob is something you’re getting bored of, upgrading to this specific style might be for you. Adding highlights to the shorter lengths of hair will also create a unique flare to the finished look. 

Bob With Bangs

Having bangs is definitely a huge commitment, especially when paired with a bob cut. However, the two styles put together is simply so beautiful you will surely have no regrets just so long as it is done right. The frilled out bangs is perfection with the Bob with upkeep being fairly easy. Side swept bangs can also be a wonderful option for the Bob, and grows into the haircut quite nicely as well. Carey Mullingan also has a fairly rounder face leaner more toward an oval shape, which is complement very well with this hairstyle. 

Blunt Bob Cut

This bob cut is quite similar to the Kim K one, but with more of an angle. Instead of it being a straight grazed cut, it follows a more traditional Bob cut angling higher from the back half of the head and longer toward the face. Margot Robbie has more of a prominent jawline with this hairstyle really softening her features. This is perfect for face shapes that need more feminine flare, as the edges really achieves that. 

Bob Cut With Wigs

If you don’t fully feel inclined to chop up all of your locks, using a nice lace front wig can do the trick. There are a plethora of very realistic wigs that will allow for you to test out different hairstyles without committing to a single look for a long period of time. The same goes for if you cut your hair; if you want to resort back to long hair, using a wig will do the trick. There is no permanence to haircuts, and the nice thing is that it can always grow back. Wigs also come in various different colors as well, allowing you to creatively try all sorts of looks to your liking. 

How To Maintain A Bob Cut

The general upkeep is not as difficult as you may think. Having short hair in general saves a ton of money and time overall which is one of the reasons as to why it is always so trendy. There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when trying to attend to the maintenance of a bob cut. First, use a comb less, and resort to detangling with your fingers instead. This not only will save time when styling your hair, but it will also prevent breakage as well.

Although this next rule is important to follow for any hair length, it’s even more vital for those with short hair; reduce your hair’s exposure to heat products. The more heat you apply to short hair, the more damage will occur since it’s closer to the scalp. Find styles that don’t require a curler or straightener and you will thank yourself in the long run. In terms of keeping your length consistent, consider trimming half an inch at least every 4 weeks. Doing this will maintain the length while also keeping your hair healthy and strong. Regular trims even when done on your own can have a phenomenally positive effect on hair and on each individual strand.

Furthermore, short hair needs to be washed and cleansed every day. The reason short hair requires daily washing is because it grows a lot more oils than longer hair. Even if you don’t apply any product, washing it with cold water can increase shine and also stimulate healthy growth. For less shampoo, consider using dry shampoo instead to prevent any unwanted oils from building up.

How To Style A Bob Cut

You may think that because your hair is short, your options for styling is very limited. This is completely untrue, in fact styling options are fairly plentiful so long as you use good product. For waves without heat, simply role your hair in a handkerchief and allow to air dry over night. When you wake up you’ll have nice subtle waves that can easily be molded into whatever style you choose. A great product to invest in is hair wax, as it will allow for you to accentuate baby hairs, change hair lines, and keep your hair intact. Investing in barrettes, pins, and headbands will also come in handy for the days you want to have a little more flare in your hair.

The bob haircut is perfect for all women with all hair colors, textures, and thickness. Consult your hair stylist on the best ways to rock this style for your face shape, as there is without a doubt a bob cut that will best suit your features. Never be afraid to go short, as it can always grow back if it isn’t something you’re completely in love with. Going for a shoulder length bob is also an option you can consider, because it’s short enough to be classified as a bob, while long enough to have extensions added on. Whatever hairstyle you choose this summer, be sure to rock it with all the confidence in you.


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