Trendy Mani-Pedi Combos for Summer


Now that summer is here, it’s time to pull out your cute sandals and show off your pedicure. Of course, you should add a matching manicure to feel complete. Here are some trendy manicure and pedicure color combinations to try this summer.

Color Combinations

Chic Nudes
Pair two of your favorite nude shades together to create a clean and professional look. Whether you pull these subtle shades from your French nails kit or pick your favorite beiges, they will match well.

Sparkle and Shine
If you’re looking for eye-catching mani-pedi for a night out try a sparkle and shine combination. First, pick a warm, matte shade that tickles your fancy (reds, pinks, yellows or oranges.) Then, pair this warm color with a sparkly gold polish. If you prefer cool colors such as blues or purples, then pair them with a sparkly silver polish.

Cool Green
Pair any two shades of green together and you’re bound to look as fresh and lively as the season itself! This combo is perfect for those who spend most of their summers outside with nature.

Bright and Sunny
Experiment with bright colors for summer. Pair a bright pink with neon orange or yellow with electric blue for a bright and sunny look.

Metallic Glow
Pair two metallic shades together such a gold, silver and bronze. Pick shades that have a subdued and frosty finish rather than a sparkly one.

Complementary Pairs
You can never go wrong when pairing complimentary colors. Classic examples include yellow and purple and blue and orange. Experiment with different shades and finishes to get the perfect look.

Pastel Wonders
Pastels are perfect for any occasion, whether its mint green paired with a coral pink or peachy orange with a sallow yellow. Gentle shades are a pleasing appearance and pair nicely with your summer outfits.

Pretty in Pink
Pair any two shades of pink together to be beach ready this summer. Not only does pink compliment most skin tones, but the color gives off a classic look against the sandy beiges present in the backgrounds of most summer activities. It’s also very easy to accessorize with your summer wardrobe.

White Canvas
White is a malleable color that pairs flawlessly with any color option but avoid flat or opaque white polishes. Opt for a polish with a sparkle or shimmer to for balance.

Neon Neutrals
If you find neon polish shades too bright alone, balance it out with a neutral polish in the same color family. For example, if you like neon yellow, pair it off with subdued beige. If you prefer a bright blue, balance that color with a cloudy gray. The options here are endless, but infallible.


Extend fun dots to your fingers and toes. This is quick and easy pattern for beginners.

Stripes can be horizontal or vertical and can be limited to a single finger if preferred. You can even get creative and turn stripes into zig zags designs.

Cute crosshatch patterns match any gingham summer dress perfectly.

A gradient pattern mimics the setting sun on a warm and romantic evening, perfect for summer.

Summer Critters
Add a simple detail, such as a dragonfly or butterfly, to one of your fingers as an ode to the season!

Experiment with these colors and patterns until you find the perfect combination for you.


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