Tips for Shaving Your Beard


Get ready to shave your beard off for National No Beard Day! Want to master the art of a clean-shaven look? Try trimming tips below that will have you looking your best.

Prep Your Skin

Prepping the skin before shaving helps you protect your skin and facial hair. While it can be time-consuming, if you’re prone to ingrown hairs, this step will ensure you get as close to that clean-shaven look as possible.

How to Prep the Skin:
1) Start by either taking a hot shower or you can hydrate your skin by placing a warm cloth on your face and neck.
2) Cleanse your face and neck with a hydrating scrub to buff out dead skin.
3) Rinse off all of the cleanser so no soap remains on the face.

Use Pre-Shave Products

Pre-shave oils, lotions and balms come in a variety of price ranges, from affordable to luxury products. A pre-shave product is a balm or oil that is put on the beard in order to soften it prior to shaving. While a variety of ingredients can be found in these products, use organic plant extracts and essences for the best results. Pre-shave products go on before shaving. Give the product time to absorb into the skin and hair follicles. Wait about five to ten minutes before shaving.


Moisturizing, isn’t just a tip for shaving, it’s something that you should do all of the time. The more moisturized your skin is, the smoother it is, which will make shaving easier. A key component of any men’s skin care routine is to use a product that is created for your particular skin type. If you use the wrong product, you run the risk of having skin that is too dry or too oily which can impact how close of a shave you can get.

Know Your Skin Type

Determine your skin type and which moisturizers are best for your face. Go to a beauty counter and test out moisturizers that you could use on shave days. Skin beauty experts can give suggestions on which products you should use depending on your skin type. There are articles and tutorials online that can help you with this.

Don’t Shave Against the Grain

Shaving against the grain causes ingrown hairs and irritates the skin. If you don’t know how to tell if you’re shaving against the grain, try the palm test. Rub the palm of your hand on your beard, if you feel a tug or a scratching sensation in the direction your palm is moving, it is going against the grain. Take your time and let your shaving gel or oil truly set in before you begin to shave. Then, gently move your razor in the direction of the beard growth, leaving the chin for last.


After shaving, your skin is sensitive and may be a little irritated, so you’re going to want to do some aftercare to soothe your face. An aftercare routine after shaving is important. Spritz your face using ice cold water to close the skin pores and hair follicles. Follow up with a moisturizer and a post-shave lotion to soothe your skin and you’re all set.


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