Things to Know Before Getting a Perm


Ladies, perms are back in style! That’s right, that resurgence of this popular hairstyle from the ’80s and ’90s is making a comeback. Perms are when the hair is treated with chemicals to achieve curls or waves. This style can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Perms are semi-permanent, and tend to fade after multiple washing and styling sessions. How long do you expect your perm to last? Are you aware of the commitment a perm will take? Before you decide on getting a perm, be aware of here some of the things you should know.

Why do you Want to Get a Perm?

Understand your motive for wanting a perm in the first place, to help determine if it is best for you. Ask yourself why, and weigh the pros and cons. How satisfied are you with your current hairstyle? Do you just want to change your look? Are you tired of your current hair routine? These are some questions to consider when deciding on getting a perm.

Seek Professional Advice

Getting a perm is serious, so you should check with a professional stylist beforehand. A stylist can recommend if a perm will work best for your hair, or if it is not the right thing for you to do. A professional will also check to see how long it has been since your hair was last permed, treated or straightened. They will also check to see if you have a pre-existing condition, or damage to your scalp that would not be conducive to getting a perm.

Know What Type of Perm you Want

There are a variety of different perms, depending on your desired style. Some perms can give you tight coiled curls, while others can result in lustrous waves. Choose the right perm for you and your styling needs
Different Types of Perms
• Root Perms
• Pin curls
• Spiral curls
• Body Wave Perm
• Relaxers
• Finger waves
• Classic wavy perm
• Volumizers

Is a Perm Right for Your Hair Type and Texture?

Communicate with your stylist on the right type of perm for you and set realistic expectations based on the type of hair you have. Perms have been known to add body to thin hair types. However, if you get other regular chemical treatments, such as hair coloring, a perm may not be right for you. Knowing your hair and what works for you is important to the perm decision making process.

Know the Possible Consequences

Perms tend to weaken the hair follicle, in order for it to bend and curl, altering the natural texture of your hair. If you desire to go ahead with a perm, pay attention for any signs of damage such as a tingling or burning sensation on your scalp. If left untreated, this can create a scalp that is prone to sores. If you have damaged hair, wait until your hair is healthy.

What is the Best Way to Maintain and Take Care of a Perm?

When caring for permed hair, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners that have little to no harsh chemicals. Use the proper styling tools like wide tooth combs and heat protectant products. Taking good care of your perm is important to keep it looking its best.

Remember, getting a perm is a commitment and should not be taken lightly. Before making your final decision, be sure that it is right for your lifestyle.


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