The Best Makeup Tips for Hot, Humid Weather


Makeup and Humidity

It’s hard to find the right makeup that holds up in the heat and humidity. Ensure that your makeup looks good and create the right look that is going to last when the temperatures rise.

The Importance of Primer

Even if you do not usually use primer, it is good idea to give it a try for the summer. The primer is the base for your makeup and not only helps your makeup last a lot longer; your makeup will leave your complexion much smoother and almost completely flawless. This is because a good primer will help seal your skin and make certain it is ready for your makeup products. This will also provide you with a type of barrier to help prevent any breakouts on your skin. If you have very oily skin, enjoy a dewy complexion or simply want your skin to glow, you are going to love the matte primers. You can even highlight your skin while subduing any oil.

If you have combination or normal skin, you need a primer that contains physical particles because this will make your skin glow. This type of primer will not hydrate your skin but it will leave a lovely finish that will remain on your skin for the better part of the day despite the humidity. If your skin is dry, you need a primer containing a moisturizer. This will help keep your skin hydrated while providing a beautiful glow. You may need to try a few different primers because some of them go a little too far with the moisturizer and this can leave your skin feeling greasy. The right primer will leave you with the perfect skin and makeup for the summer months.

The Simpler Techniques

If you do not wear full foundation coverage, consider using foundation as a concealer. The pin-point concealment technique will enable you to cover any breakouts or imperfections on your skin. This will decrease any build up of the concealer while still providing the most important coverage. There is also a lot to be said for minimal eye makeup. Makeup on your eyes and brows is going to melt away first. This means the less makeup you are wearing the less damage the heat can do. When you apply makeup in a much thinner coat, it will also stick to your skin better and last longer.

The Sensational Waterproof Products

Using waterproof products is an excellent solution to the heat and humidity. These types of products were designed for longer wear and do not require a heavy layer. Waterproof makeup includes mascara, liquid lipstick, eyeliner and brow pomades. Your makeup will stay in place through sweat, humidity, heat and even a swim in a refreshing pool. If the product has a cream base, it will stay malleable as time passes. This means if some of your makeup does come off over time, you can smooth it out and reapplication is a snap.

The Varieties in Foundations

It is important to note there is a difference between a lightweight foundation and light coverage. Many of the formulas for light coverage can feel extremely heavy on the skin. The full coverage formulas do not necessarily feel heavy. A lot of companies have introduced a medium to high formula. This type of product is exceptionally comfortable and has an incredibly light feeling. If you feel you need coverage, this is an excellent option to try. If you are one of the lucky ones and already have great skin, a light coverage cream is probably just right for your needs. This type of foundation also holds up very well in the heat and humidity.

The Industrial Strength Products

Use an industrial strength brow gel to make certain your eyebrows are fixed in place. If your eyebrows are thin and tend to disappear in the humidity, a wax based product will work better than a pencil or powder. You can also use a waterproof topcoat to ensure your eyebrows remain sensational throughout your day.

The Power of Creams

Cream based products will prevent your makeup from melting in the heat. These products will remain on your skin longer because they will stick directly to your skin. A powder simply sets on the top of the skin. Cream based products have been referred to as the holy grail of summer makeup because they stand up to humidity and heat incredibly well.

The Pat and Dab

The way you apply your makeup is just as important as the type of makeup you use. When you are putting on your powder, get away from the swirling motion with your brush. Your makeup will set so much better if you use a dabbing and patting motion instead.

The Setting Spray

No matter what type of skin you have, you should be using a setting spray designed to dry into a matte finish. This is the best way to make sure your makeup is locked into place. This may already have become obvious to you if your skin is either normal or oily. A matte setting spray will not put oils on your face or start to break up. This will work incredibly well in the humidity when combined with a highlighter and primer. If you are using powder to finish your face it probably starts to get heavy and feel uncomfortable as the humidity sets in. This will not happen with a setting spray and there are so many options to choose from. Setting sprays will also create a dewy effect and make your skin glow.


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