Summer Style Tips for Short & Curly Hair


When the temperatures rise, think of preventive measures to take care of your hair. The warmer weather means that your locks are prone to more damage because of the brutal heat, humidity, and exposure to elements like chlorine and saltwater. If you have short hair to begin with, there are numerous ways to style it during the hotter months. Here are some ways to style short and curly hair.

The Side Part

The side part is a classic look that hair of all lengths can benefit from. Part your short curly hair in that good side for a more relaxed, beach vibe that screams effortless curls. Spritz it up with some sea mist for an even more natural look.

Side Accent

Adding an accent like a braided side head band or using a large piece of statement earrings can help draw attention and add some flair and style. Let your hair cooperate with hair crème.

Bobby Pins

Never underestimate the power of bobby pins. These little pieces of metal are the real summertime heroes. Take some chunks of your hair and then use these bobby pins to pin random layers. Style your curls in an avant-garde fashion to give you an edgy look. Don’t forget to use an anti frizz styling cream to help you accomplish this job.

Curly Bangs

Who says bangs have to be just one boring, old, and plain style. Try going for curly bangs because they are so pretty. Use a curling iron to style your fringe to draw attention to your eyes. Fix your bangs to match the soft waves of the rest of your hair. Make sure your curling iron is hot enough, and you have hair protecting serum to keep damages at bay.

Fluff Them With Oil

Shoulder length voluminous hair with natural curls is big blessing. Sometimes, you really shouldn’t be doing much, but letting it all hang out, purely natural. There are days that only call for a simple nourishing oil that keep the hair hydrated and super shiny.

High Bun

Who says a high bun or a high pony are looks for people with long hair only? Even short hair can be pulled slick back and tied with a rubber band. Tie your hair as tight as you can, then let the natural ringlets casually over spill from the tip. This creates a beautiful centerpiece of curls in your bun or tail. It is important to use super strong gel or hairspray that doesn’t damage the hair when you go for this look. And of course, the ever reliable bobby pins must serve as an MVP to make this mission a reality.

The Shine Factor

There is nothing more sad looking than dry, dull, and brittle hair that is begging for some TLC. Give your hair a huge dose of tender loving care by applying a glossy shine serum to treat the curls and give your overall hair look that healthy shine.

Brushed Out Fluffy Curls

If you have super tight ringlets, try brushing them out to make bigger fluffy curls. Then allow these curls to create gentle waves around your face for a different summer look. Just use a reliable hair serum that de-tangles to help you get the job done.

Half-Curly Half-Wavy

Sometimes, it is best not to fight humidity and just let it work its magic on your hair. Let go and let the weather fix your hair for you. Sometimes, when it is too hot, no amount of styling products can make your hair cooperate the way you want it to. Just letting your hair loose makes for a prettier look without all the fuss.

Add Crown Volume

You hair is your crowning glory so don’t be afraid to add some literal volume on the crown area to give you a different look. On top of that, gather your short curly layers away from your face. Go for the elegant-messy look with the aid of a hair texture spray. The more you gather your hair from you face, the cooler you will be.

Easy Peasy Chignon

When you literally have no time, gather your hair in a low chignon. Be sure to leave some layers out front then style it so that they casually frame your beautiful face. Use some hair serum to make your hair cooperate, then use rubber bands and bobby pins to make your chignon neat and securely fastened.

Make Symmetrical Ringlets

Touch up your natural curls with a curling iron to make even more symmetrical ringlets around your face. For a perfectly glossy look that doesn’t like shine, apply a leave on hair conditioner. This will also make your hair softer and much easier to deal with.

Clip and Bands

There’s nothing prettier than accenting curly hair with fancy clips and headbands. Who says only people with long hair can enjoy these? Choose a pretty flowery one for a romantic look, or choose a rhinestone one for a more glam Hollywood feel.

Woke Up Like This

The bed head look is still in these days. Sometimes, you have to let your hair match your casual outfit. The best look is the I didn’t make an effort and woke up like this perfect look. To add some nice texture to your hair, apply some pomade or wax. This look will look as if you didn’t make any effort at all. And there’s nothing wrong with that because you are effortlessly beautiful.

The Wet Look

The trick for a beautiful wet look is to apply thick oil to dry hair. The I just showered look can be sexy when paired with the right outfit and sultry makeup. if you’re by the beach or pool, then this look makes perfect sense.

This summer, don’t feel like you are trapped with boring hair dos just because you have short curly hair. Turn your can’t dos into can dos because no one really likes a quitter. It is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t look like you’re suffering from a bad hair day. Life is very short so be sure to get up daily, ready to face the world beautifully with a smile.


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