Spider Gel Nail Art Trend


Over are the excruciatingly long hours devoted to at-home nail art. The Spider Gel nail art trend is sweeping the industry, from professionals to at-homers alike. It’s insanely easy and the price tag makes it a dream come true.

Spider Gel is sweeping Instagram. The product is a gel based product. Dip a toothpick into the gel and drag it across the nail. However, there’s not a one-size-fits all application. Some might choose to apply the gel by rubbing an amount between two gloved fingers and then separating the fingers to create a web effect.

This product gives you the straightest lines ever. With this one product the possibilities are endless. Your nails can be transformed into a work of art in minutes, not hours, and you don’t even have to pay to get that salon-perfect look.

Julie Kandalec is a New York City-based nail artist and exclaims that the product “gives you the straightest lines you’ve seen in your life.” She goes on to say that the product gives “the option of a cleaner, more linear look.” She’s not the only one standing behind this new trend. Joining her is nail artist Magdalena Pietrowska. Her Instagram-worthy nail art includes the use of Spider Gel.

She started with a black matte and then layered silver and gold Spider Gel onto the bottom and midway up the nail. The effect was stunning. It was both elegant and edgy, perfect for the holiday season.

Spider Gel fits perfectly into any themed nail. It can be used with sparkly/glitter polishes as well. When layered thickly, Spider Gel gives a 3D appearance. However, if you don’t like this look the Spider Gel can be polished of using an extra layer of topcoat. Whether you’re looking for simple, classy, daring, or bold, Spider Gel can be used to complete any look.

Sider Gel can be used to make straight lines in order to break the nail into different colors. The straight lines can be used to make geometrical masterpieces. Whatever the nail artist’s end goal, Spider Gel is quickly becoming the end-all be-all product for creating nail art masterpieces. Whether you’re a seasoned nail art professional, or the at-homer, Instagram worthy nail art photos are in your near future.

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