Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mornings


One of the things people always notice about you is your physical appearance; how you are dressed, what type of shoes you have on, and how your hair looks. These things say a lot about your character, so it is essential to take care of them. Picking out an outfit is not something that most people struggle with as compared to styling their hair, especially on those busy mornings.

Being in a hurry to get to work, class, or to an appointment may leave you a little time to fix your hair. That means no time to wash or drying your hair without running out of time. This article talks about hairstyles that are easy and quick to pull off and very stylish.

The Bun

It is one of the easiest and chic styles that you can do on hair that has not been cleaned. You can make a ballerina or a messy bun. The natural texture and the oils present in it will make your hair appear to have more mass than it does.

Follow these steps to get the perfect bun:
• Start with air-dried hair and use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to brush your hair to untangle any knots that may be present.
• Using your hands, gather the hair where you want your bun to be and use an elastic hair tie to hold it in place.
• For the ballerina bun you will need a clean tube sock. Position the sock where the ponytail starts and gently twist your hair around it, tucking in any loose ends. The size of the bun depends on the length of your hair or the width of the sock.
• For a messy bun, gently twist your hair loosely around the elastic hair band and tuck in the ends of the twist in the band. You can hold ends that are likely to fall out of the bun using hair pins.

The High Ponytail

The high ponytail is one of the oldest hairstyles that you can do quickly and easily. All you need is a robust elastic hair band and a comb. This look can be achieved on either wet or dry hair.

How to create the perfect ponytail:
• Comb and smooth your hair, removing any bumps or knots. Start from the base and comb all the way to the ends. Detangling your hair will make it easy for you to style.
• After combing, gather your hair on the crown of your head. You can pass a comb through it again if necessary.
• Hold your hair in position with one hand and use the other hand too smooth away any comb marks that may have been left behind. You can achieve the same results by running your fingers through your hair.
• Secure your hair in position using an elastic band.

Split, Knot, Twist, and Pin

This style takes less than a minute to achieve, it can also be done on with dry or wet hair.

How to do the Split, Knot, and Pin:
• Comb your hair with your finger ors a comb to get rid of bumps and any knots present.
• Gather your hair at the bottom and divide it into two equal parts
• Make knots with the two sides at the center where you divided the hair.
• Twist the remaining hair and use bobby pins to secure the ends to avoid the knots from getting loose or your hair looking unkempt.
• Add a colored hair clip or any other accessory to your hair.

The Side Twist Bun

The side twist bun creates a rope-like shape on one side of your face. You can make the bun either formal or messy. You can wear this hairstyle to a formal occasion or on a casual day. This look can also be done with both dry and wet hair.

Steps on how to get the side twist:
• Create a side part on the right side and comb your hair towards the left.
• Start a rope twist (where you started the part line) by taking an inch of your hair and twisting it over another inch section and go all around your hairline.
• When you get past your ear, combine the rest of your hair with the twist to create a side ponytail.
• Create a bun by twisting your hair and holding it in place by using bobby pins.

Using a Scarf or Turban

The style is suitable for people with a lot of hair on their head and is best done on dry hair.

How to successfully style a scarf or turban:
• Using several fingers, comb through your hair to untangle it.
• Separate the front part of your hair and hold it together using hairpins or an elastic band.
• Fold your scarf into the desired shape then wrap it around your hair from the back.
• Tie a knot at the front side where you parted and held the front part of your hair.
• Remove the pins or elastic band holding the hair together and style as desired.

Managing your hair is not hard; all you have to do is find a style that works for you.
Try these time-saving hairstyles for your next busy morning.


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