Popular Haircuts for Men


When a haircut stands out, it takes an average outfit to the next level. However, because there are so many hairstyles for different occasions, the process of picking the best trim isn’t always easy. If you want to narrow down your options, these popular haircuts for men might help.

Comb Over Fade With a Hard Part

This is a fancy haircut with neat elements. If you get this trim, the sides of your head will have a very low fade. This fade slowly transitions into thicker hair, which is where the hard part goes. On the top of your head, there will be much more hair for the comb over. To make the haircut elegant, you must slick the comb over down with grease or pomade.

Taper Fade With Quiff

A taper fade with a quiff is a great haircut for a party. It requires a lot of hair because volume is required in order to get a wavy quiff. The fading part of this haircut happens on the sides, and a barber develops it by trimming off a thin or thick layer of hair.

There are many ways to style the quiff. If you want a natural look, your hair will hang to the left or right. When gel is applied on the quiff, it will have layers like an ocean. The quiff could be a stylish option for musicians, surfers, or anyone else wanting to try a new look.

Modern Pompadour Fade Hard Part

The hard part is this haircut’s most appealing element. It usually starts on the same level where the front hairline begins, and it gradually runs to the side of the head and stops. The top portion of this haircut varies. If you want volume, a barber can leave a lot of hair on your head. For a more refined look, you could trim the top somewhat lower. No matter what style you choose, the side part will still provide flair.

Fade With a Hard Part

A fade with a side part is a suitable style for anyone who has problems picking a general hairstyle. This is a classic cut because it has all of the basic elements. The fading on the sides is neat, and it effectively highlights the thickest strands on the top of the head. Between the fuller hair and the faded sides, there is a hard part, which reveals the scalp. This cut has been seen a lot on, but not limited to, basketball players, rappers/singers, and boxers.

Messy Hair With Short Sides

In order to achieve this look, you’ll have to let your hair grow for several months. Your main focus should be the top since this is where the hair needs to be messy. Once your hair is about five inches tall, you can visit a barber for this haircut. The barber will begin by lining the hair on the top of your head. Then, to achieve a fade, the barber will shave the sides. This area won’t be bald; instead, you’ll have very short strands that fade into the messy hair.

Undercut With Long Top

For this haircut, you’ll need tall, thick hair. Typically, if you avoid cutting the hair on your head for two seasons, you should have enough volume for this haircut. The undercut happens on the sides below the lush layer of hair on top.

This haircut is only great for men who are dedicated to hair maintenance. The long top can be tough to manage, which is why anyone who has this haircut will need to implement maintenance procedures every day to keep every hair in the right place.

Pomp Fade With Side Part

If you have a full beard, a pomp fade with a side part is worth considering. A pompadour fade works well with a thick beard because it transitions nicely to a fade.

This is a retro haircut that complements a neatly lined beard. The top portion of this hairstyle stands out with or without gel, grease, or pomade. However, when a styling product is used, all hairs stay in one spot, and they will never cover the side part. The pomp fade with a side part can enhance

• A suit
• Summer apparel
• Sports gear

High and Tight Fade

The high and tight fade has many layers. This haircut requires a scalp bald; the baldness starts above the back of the neck and continues up the scalp. A few inches up, there are shorter hairs; this trim style provides the fade effect. This fade isn’t trimmed like a normal fade because the transition happens high on the back and sides of the head.

These haircuts for men are just a few of the most popular options for men. Before you take a seat in a barber’s chair, always weigh your options. If you pick a haircut too quickly, you may get a trim that doesn’t suit your style and taste.


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