Luscious Low-Maintenance Hair Colors


Maintaining hair colors be expensive and time consuming. Luckily, low maintenance hair colors keep you in style and require fewer trips to the salon. Here are some low-maintenance hair colors worth trying out.

Go For Natural

Everybody has a normal hair color albeit hair colors are often considered to improve or change your look. While simply opting out for hair color is an option, it’s highly likely to look dull and difficult to style up to your A-game with your regular hair. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? Most of the hair colors you can try are as follows:


For obvious reasons, going for a more natural hair color can make things easier and less effort to maintain. The style relies on matching the highlight colors with your root growth. With this technique in place, your original hair color will grow to match the highlights that you’ve placed. This style is said to last you for half a year before you’ll need to recolor your hair again. Pick this style if you’re planning to continue wearing hair colors but want to miss seeing your hairdresser for months.


Most people wearing hair colors are flat out annoyed once their hair starts growing as the original color starts to show from the roots. This style keeps the roots natural and focuses the colors near the end. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about your growing hair ruining your style as the roots aren’t covered in this one. Depending on your preference, you can keep going on without returning to the salon for recolors up until you colored parts are running thin. It’s your choice if you want to apply for another Sombre for another set of months of low-maintenance or opt for a different style if you’re getting tired of the look.


Similar to the Lived-In style, this hand-painted hair coloring style also aims to match your hair’s natural colors as it grows out. However, this style mostly works for blonde people. In hindsight, choosing practical colors that adapt to your natural hair color will help you greatly if you’re aiming for a low maintenance hair color. However, keep an eye out if your hair growth suddenly ruins the style and possibly opt for a Sombre next time around.


Alternatively, the Tortoiseshell hair can be there for you if want another low maintenance hair color. The style gives you sweet blend of caramel and honey highlight for your hair. However, this style is mostly recommended to people who have naturally dark brown hair due to the colors its using.


An Ashy hair color relies on your hair’s undertone which is a natural part of its color. Going for this color allows you to have a cool look in contrast to the usual warm-colored and radiant styles. Usually this style is good when the weather is around fall or winter. Again, this style works and adapts according to your natural hair color.


If your age or hair genetics is just stubbornly showing gray hair, it might be best to just follow it and opt for the graylighting color. Instead of fearing that it can look bad on you, wearing it with style can not only help you save money but also allow to grow your confidence tenfold with this style.

Red Gloss

For redheads, this is your go-to natural hair color style. While this style could be redundant to your hair color, it can give your hair some vibrant look. Lastly, this style can come in different shades and still work for you. Try to find the right shade that you’ll like the most.

The Right Shades

Aside from following your natural colors, other low maintenance hair colors can come from shades near your natural color. Around two or three shades lighter or darker would do. Here are some good examples:

Brunette Lowlights

These chestnut colors can work for brunettes as it shows some depth in their hair. It’s also pretty low maintenance as it can grow out naturally with your hair due to its simple and subtle style.

Golden Beige Nude

This is similar to Brunette Lowlights but for blondes, A good mix of beige, gold and blonde highlights will give you that hair with depth and dimension while looking good for the summer.

Rose Gold

Out of these low maintenance styles, the Rose Gold color allows you to still be hip and it’s in near the hair shade level of most people. Try it out if you’re feeling low maintenance but would still want to follow the trend.

Sunkissed Face Framing

Meanwhile, this style focuses on adding highlights to help pronounce your face even better. It’s one of the most low maintenance among the hair color styles out there. If you’re blonde, try out colors that are two shades lighter. Meanwhile, you can try adding a caramel color near your hair shade if yoou’re a brunette.

Actual Maintenance

Even though its low maintenance, it still means that you have to take care of your hair but doesn’t mean you always how to go to the salon after several weeks. These styles focus on being low maintenance as they allow skipping going to the salon for more than five weeks or even half a year depending on the style.
Additionally, these styles allow your hair to recover as it’s common knowledge that continuous hair treatment can ruin your hair entirely. Aside from saving time, money and effort for your hair, it’s also better for your hair to chill out from all the styling and stay as close as natural without looking too dull. Even though natural hair can look good, daily life and career may require you to look your best which can not be possible with your regular hair growth.

To be sure, make sure to get the right shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask appropriate to your hair color to keep it healthy. If you need a quick fix for these low maintenance hair colors, hair concealers exist to color those roots back without the need to go to the salon. However, don’t rely too much on the concealers as they’re intended for temporary remedy and applying the recolor make more sense for the long run for your hair.

Lastly, make sure to be honest to your hairdresser when you’re aiming to get a low maintenance hair color. This way, they’ll understand what color to give your hair and provide the correct tips to take care of it. Remember, you’re doing this not because you don’t want to see your hairdresser again. Explain your situation as all of us have priorities but would not want to compromise our style as appearances do sometimes make to cut on certain things. Aside from telling about your life, asking for which products are reliable in keeping your hair low-maintenance would work too.

As a last resort, the obvious choice would be go for your true natural hair color. However, you’ll have to be creative in wearing your hair through other means like focusing on styling or wearing accessories to be stylish, cute, or anything that’ll fit the occasion you’re going to be in. Make sure to have fun in styling your hair.


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