Hot Holiday Hairstyles


Amplify your holiday look with a super chic hairstyle. Look incredible with these five fabulous hairstyles that you can wear throughout the holiday season.

Reindeer Bun

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If you want to go all out this Christmas season, be sure to try out the Reindeer Bun.
1) Tie your hair into a neat little bun.
2) Put two little antlers on either end of the bun and a small red flower or scrunchie in the middle of the bun to resemble the nose.
3) Clip on some googly eyes onto the back of your bun and you have your little reindeer, prancing about with you.

Hair Bow

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Lady Gaga Bows made entirely out of hair, were made famous fashion statement.
1) Put your hair up in a ponytail.
2) Tie your hair into a bun and then spread it out evenly into two halves
3) Pull out a small amount of hair from the middle of the bun so it is no longer tied.
4) Pin the loose hair over the middle so it covers the elastic band that you are using. open in the middle of your day.

Triple Braided Bun

The triple braided bun is another super easy hairstyle that looks elegant.
1) Part your hair into three equal parts.
2) Braid the hair that you have parted to the right until the very end.
3) Start by pinning the braided bun going from one end of the head to the other with bobby pins.
4) Pin all the braids until you have a full bun and use hairspray to set.

Side Fish Braid

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If you are looking for a way to wear your hair down, while still looking fancy, try a side fish braid.
1) Take a small amount of hair from the front and start braiding it, right from the roots to the end.
2) If a fishtail braid seems a little too complicated, opt for a simpler braid.
3) Tie the hair with a hair tie or bow at the end.
4) Wear your braid to the side for a super chic look with minimal effort.

Half Crown Braids

The half-crown braid looks makes for a gorgeous Christmas hairstyle.
1) Take a little bit of hair above the ears on both sides and braid the hair on both sides, securing the ends with a hair tie.
2) Take both braids and pull them towards the middle and secure them there.
3) Make sure that the braid is loosely connected and not too tight.
4) Loosen up the hair above the braid, making the hair look full and luscious.


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