Hair Color “Brewing” this Fall


The Cold Brew Hair Trend

One look that is trending this fall is the cold brew hair. Think about a glass of ice cold coffee on a hot summer day, colorists are aiming to recreate this look with hair. This hairstyle, has taken New York, by storm and all colorists are jumping into the trend.

The Originator

Stephanie Brown, a New York Based colorist, has been credited with the introduction of the cold brew trend. She has been giving advice about how to best achieve this style. She states that the best way to attain this color is to make sure you get a mixture of rich highlights and lowlights throughout the dimension of your hair. When the two mash together, they will create a shiny look that cannot be matched by any other highlighting job. The trick, therefore, lies in incorporating a mixture of neutral and golden tones in your hair. She adds that the secret ingredient that will keep the hair in perfect condition is making sure that hair stays glossy throughout the coloring process and also when you are wearing it out.

Working with Naturally Dark Blonde Hair

Most colorists that have bought into this trend claim that the best way to achieve the cold brew trend on naturally dark blonde hair is to work with the highlights. Since golden tones are very trendy right now, it will be great to create a combination that looks perfect. If you don’t want to dye your hair, you can even have a few ombre pieces weaved in. If you add a few low lights, you will also be able to see the lighter strands better.

Creamy Highlights

Think about the color mash that you create in your coffee cup when you add some milk or cream. Well, this is the look that they are aiming to create with highlights. The great thing about these creamy highlights is that when you swirl them is curls and waves, it looks like coffee. Keep the hair glossy and smooth by using a color safe shampoo and conditioner.

Neutral Highlights

To create a perfect cold brew, incorporate natural highlights into the midsections and the ends of the hair. When the natural highlights are in the midsections and the ends, your hair will look grown-out.

Dual Tones

Combine dark brown with sandy golden brown highlights to give the hair dimension and making it look thicker and glossier look.

Highlighting Jet Black Hair

The cold brew trend is working perfectly for all shades of brunette. However, if you have jet black hair, try weaving reddish brown glaze into the shafts of the hair. When the two colors come together, the result is fantastic. To maintain this look, you have to glaze every six weeks.

Frosted Balayage

A frosted balayage is an easy style to achieve if you have dark shades of blonde hair. The trick to lighten parts of the hair. When the hair has been lightened, use a quality shampoo to keep the color from fading.

Rich Gloss Over

If your hair is dark brown, you can have blonde highlights glossed all over the hair to make it look shinier and more voluminous.

Maintenance Tips

Bring a Photo

When you go to the salon to get the look, make sure that you carry a photo of someone that has had the highlights put in. You do not want to end up in a sad situation where your highlights will look nothing like a cold brew, and you have to keep them in the entire season.


Highlights are supposed to be touched up every six to eight weeks. It is also crucial to note that if you had a toner added it will drop off sooner than you expect. Therefore, think about getting a retouch of the same as soon as possible because fading starts as soon as you get the toner.

Hair Masks

Nourishing hair masks have the ability to keep the hair naturally moisturized without leading to loss of the color and the tone.

Color Intensifying Conditioner

Using the right products is a must when you want to keep the hair shiny for a long time. Go for safe and color intensifying conditioner to ensure that the colors stay locked in the hair.

These are just a few tips on how to achieve the cold brew trend and how to maintain your hair after you have gotten the style.


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