Hacks for When Your Hair Tie Goes Missing


Sometimes, you may feel like getting your air off your neck and back. Consequently, many ladies ensure wear an elastic hair tie around their wrists to cater for emergencies. If your hair band breaks or gets lost, here are some proven hacks to help you get your hair out of the way.

1. Braids

A simple hair interlocking style can make you feel free. The technique helps your hair to stay fairly well on your head without needing a fastener. If your hair is the thick type, make two braids instead of one. Tighter twists are likely to stay in place longer depending on your hair thickness.

2. The Twist

This style can work well in a pinch although it does not stay put for a long time. It is a straightforward style that requires you to make a one coil twist of your hair then pull it in on itself to come up with a knot just behind your neck. The twist is elegant when you ensure that you make it correctly.

3. Ribbons

If you lost your hair band, a ribbon is a fibrous material that you can easily use when you need to put your hair up.

4. Loose Braid

Loose braid works best if your hair has not yet been washed since it is likely to hold without help from hairsprays.

5. Long Bangs

If you have long hair that has long bangs and you feel like getting them out of your face, make bangs into one mini braid then hold it back using two bobby pins. This style will consume some time unless your hair contains natural waves.

6. Hide Your Hair Using a Scarf

When in doubt, you can hide your hair under a scarf. To complete this style, make a knot using the scarf in the front then wrap the two ends of the scarf around towards the back of your head. Make a tight crisscross of the scarf and tuck it into the sides of itself. You can leave it at that or even go ahead to cover your head with the material then tuck it neatly into the other side.

7. Use a Toothbrush

Struggling with fly-aways? A toothbrush can be helpful to taming them. Spray the brush with hairspray then brush it through the troubling hair and say goodbye to fly-aways!

8. A Messy Braid

To make a messy braid, separate your hair into two pieces. Tie the two pieces around each other to come up with a messy braid that is loose to complete.

9. A Scrunchie

Scrunchies are back on trend! Hold the hair at the top your head and tie them with a bandana. Let the hair at the sides of your head hang for a stylish school girl look.

10. The 80s Inspired

This 80s inspired style works best if your hair is very greasy. Slick your hair straight back. To pull it perfectly backward, put your hands on your forehead then pull it down your head backward using your fingers. You can also use a comb if you are in a position of accessing it. To make this style easier, spray your hair while combing back to attain a gorgeous look.

11. Romantic Braids

If your hair is defying against decency and logic, you better make braids your friend. Weave your hair into small braids for a romantic, soft and beautiful look.

12. Knot Afraid

Gather your locks that are misbehaving and make a ponytail. You can choose to put your pony at the base of your neck or the top of your head.

13. Middle Part

This style is great for those with thin hair. Part your hair with a comb straight down the middle of your head. Choose to tie a knot at the base of your neck or make a loose braid that sways freely down your back. Use hairspray or water to make the hair hold together for a long time.

All of the tips in this article can help you to fix your hair into a beautiful look when you cannot access your hair band. Pick a style that makes you feel beautiful and confident.


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