Growing a Magnificent Movember Mustache


“Movember” is a popular campaign aimed at raising awareness and collecting donations for research and supports programs promoting men’s health. Movember began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 and soon became a worldwide campaign. Some of the largest campaigns during the month of November are ones that garner support for men with testicular and prostate cancer as well as mental health challenges. The goal of the Movember Mustache is to change the face of men’s health.

Growing a mustache can be challenging and sometimes a daunting undertaking for some men; however, there are many great tips for men who are looking to grow their facial hair with both style and ease. Before you set off on your hairy Movember journey and make a difference for men’s health, here are a few tips on growing a magnificent mustache this November.

Do Your Research

Before you get started on this magnificent mustache of yours, it’s important to see if you can even grow one in the first place. There are men in the world who were born to have a mustache, and men who were not. Chances are, if you already have a beard then you have a bit of an advantage.

Know the Style You’re Going For

What mustache style are you trying to achieve? While maintaining your mustache is of utmost importance, choosing the right style is also very important and often dependent on the shape of your face. If you have a strong jaw, it may be easiest to have a full mustache. If you have a particularly square or oval-shaped face, then you should choose a more subtle mustache instead.

Here are the five most popular mustache styles:

The Full Package: A full mustache shows true commitment. For this style, you don’t want your mustache to be too shaped, rather the idea is to have a natural and slightly unruly look to it.
The Beardstache: This style is a more subtle entry into the world of mustaches and a great way to see if you even like it in the first place. Grow a beard and leave the mustache for a rugged look with clean-shaved cheeks.
The Pencil Mustache:The pencil mustache may be a great choice if your mustache hair doesn’t grow in evenly. Using trimmers, shave around a thin line of hair right above your lip and below your nose to achieve this elegant, refined and old school Hollywood mustache style.
The Standard Stache: This natural style mustache is one that is rarely noticed. There’s no real style or shape here, it’s just left as it is.

Develop a Regime Early

In order to grow your magnificent Movember mustache, you’ll want to develop a routine that works for you and remain consistent with it. Whether you wash your facial hair every morning, give your beard and mustache a thorough brushing or apply beard oil and other products daily. Choose a routine that works best for you and stick to it.

Use the Right Tools

A trimmer and scissors are absolutely essential for growing and maintaining the perfect stache. Trimmers are necessary when you need to maintain your mustache length, snip the stray hairs off your lips, style your mustache or simply just want to shave off everything when you’re ready for something different.

Mustache scissors are a great tool to have on hand that’re both inexpensive and extremely helpful. Use them to spot-check any pesky stray hairs or to maintain your desired length. Be sure to trim your hair every three to four days and always do this when your mustache hair is dry.

A comb may also be helpful particularly for straightening out the hairs before trimming. If you plan on styling your mustache frequently, a comb will help to spread any wax or oils used evenly by brushing the hairs through. A brush or comb can also help train the hairs to lie in the direction you want them to.

Buy the Right Products

If you’re looking to add a little definition and style to your mustache, there are several products on the market that can help with this. Mustache wax can be worked into your facial hair with a comb in small amounts. Adding too much wax can make your mustache look heavy and greasy.

Beard oil is another great product since your mustache hairs are often thick and bristly. Facial hair tends to dry out quickly and may even irritate your skin so adding a little beard oil to your mustache regime is ideal. With just a few drops of beard oil every morning, your facial hair will become soft, smooth, conditioned and approachable.

Be Cautious of Your Surroundings

Since Movemer is all about growing out your magnificent mustache, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. The longer your facial hair gets, the more likely that it can get burnt by a cigarette, caught in a zipper or serve as a storage space for food while eating. Foreign substances like the food you eat can dry out your facial hair and possibly damage the hairs. Take care of your mustache and notice all the little changes as your facial hair gets longer and longer.

Be Patient

This tip is a big one. Facial hair grows differently on everyone at various rates and patterns. Statistics show that facial hair grows at an average of only half an inch per month, so patience is key here, especially if your mind is set on a full stache by the end of the month. You can track your progress by taking a selfie each week or month to chart the growth process. In time, you may see a growth pattern or realize that maybe a particular season has either positive or negative effects on your facial hair growth.

By putting the time and effort into your mustache, you’ll soon experience the results you’ve hoped for. Also, don’t forget to be good to the rest of your face. Since you’re most likely shaving particular areas of your face to highlight that magnificent mustache of yours, it’s important to take care of your skin to spare yourself the distress of irritation bumps, acne, ingrown hairs and so forth.


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