Fun and Frosty Winter Nail Trends


Getting your nails done is a great way to get a fresh new look for the new year. There are plenty of fun and frosty winter nail trends that you can choose from to dress up your nails. Here are a few different fun and frosty winter nail trends to try out.

The Future is Pink Chrome

Pink chrome nails have been popularized by beauty entrepreneur, Kylie Jenner. This look is bold and futuristic. Go for chromatic pink if you want to have a look that exudes the future is at your fingertips. You can try out other chromatic shades including blue, green, and red nails.

Pearly White Finger Nails

Looking for refreshing winter blast look? Try pearl hues nails. Keeps your pearly white nails long and fresh. Pearly white nails go perfect with a positive attitude and a pearly white smile

In the Nude

Nude lipstick has risen in popularity and the same can be said for nude nails. Having beautiful nude nails is a classy and elegant look for the winter months. Numerous models and actresses have been rocking the nude nail look. Cindy Crawford’s daughter, model Kaia Gerber, matches a nude lip and nude nails for the winter. The super model Kendall Jenner has also been seen sporting nude nails.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is the official color of Millennials. Rose gold phones, Minnie mouse ears, and rose gold hair are all the rage amongst this generation. Rose gold nails are definitely on trend right now, this is a great color is if you need something more subdued for work or if you prefer just a slight elegant gleam for the winter.

Jack Frost Brush Strokes

Add some frost to your nails by having some white and silver brush strokes of paint on your fingernails. This is a wintery nail trend to embrace your inner Jack Frost.

Crystal Bedazzled Nails

Crystals bedazzling your nails will give your fingernails a winter sparkly look. Give your finger tips some bling with some crystals bedazzling your nails.

Reverse French Mani

A French manicure is a tried and true nail look that many people wear for a traditional and classic look. You can also switch it up with a reverse French mani. This involves the traditional French tips, only with the tips part on the inside part of your nails.

Sequined Nails

Sequined nails are a great way to add some shimmer to your look and resemble a tail of a mermaid. Rainbow nails are great for some summer sparkle as well.

Iridescent Green

Shimmer and gleam with gorgeous green. Iridescent green nails resemble the house colors of Slyrherin house from Harry Potter. If you’re a Harry Potter fan or a fan of snakes, you may like testing out this trend.

Matte Blue

Embrace a matte blue look this winter so you can have clean and frosty nails. Matte blue nails are a look Elsa from Frozen would be in love with. Some other popular matte nail colors this season include pink and purple.

Darkest Blue Nails

Dark blue nails are inspired by the beautiful blue hues of midnight sky. They’ll give you an edgy and eye-catching look.

Glitter Nails

Give your nails some sparkle without going fully bedazzled. Use sparkle and shiny nail polish in any particular color or rainbow color that you prefer for your nails. Sparkly nails will make them a real beauty statement anywhere you are.

Red, Red, Red

Red is a great color for your nails anytime and anywhere. Choose a deep red or a coral red to give your nails the most wintery red looks for the season. A deeper wine red or a coral red is going to be the best option for your red nail polish this winter. Add some sparkle or bedazzles to your red nail color to make it more special for the winter season.

Minimalist Clean Cut Nails

Minimalist looks are quite popular right now. Many people want to have a look that is clear and elegant without being overblown. Minimalist nails are shorter in length and require just a clear gloss or nude gloss and a clear gloss of paint on your nails.

Whatever look you choose this winter season, stay true to yourself with the trend you choose. Try what speaks most to you and make it your own.


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