Fall Nail Polish Colors Inspired By Autumn Leaves


Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the abundance of fall colors. With the leaves falling, paint your nails with colors inspired by the autumn equinox. Below are some of our favorite autumn-inspired colors for the season.

1.Pumpkin Spice

You may not like the coffee flavor but what about the color of pumpkin spice. A warm orange that combines perfectly with your skin as it pales from the lack of summer sun, pumpkin spice nail polish will give you the warm feeling you’ve been missing from the summer.

2. Deep Beige

Because we’re all about the warm feelings to combat the crisp weather that is starting to creep up, deep beige is yet another earthy color that will look great with almost anything you wear. While you may not like orange with just any outfit, there is hardly anything that beige won’t work with. Unless you are still tan from the summer fun, a deep beige nail polish will look good on your skin that is getting lighter as the days grow cooler.

3. Deep Black

Halloween isn’t far from us and it’s time that we get in the mood. A deep, rich black that goes on smoothly is the color for those who are ready to get into the mood of the season. Black cats and black hats aren’t the only thing that’s in for the season; black nail polish is certainly all the rage.

4. Olive Green

We love how leaves transition from green to other colors yet some of them simply fade to a lighter shade of green. Instead of a bold and bright green, we are loving olive green for the autumn season. It can look great on anyone, no matter your skin color. From pale skin to summer tans, olive greens is the perfect match for anyone.

5. Wine

We’re loving the color of red wine this season. While many relate red to the end-of-the-year holidays, wine is deep enough to add some charm to what is quite possibly one of the best seasons of the year. It pairs well with the mood and looks amazing on almost anyone. Wine also reminds us of the way that the leaves change during this special season of the year.

6. Dark Blue

Baby blues can be left for the summer but dark tones of blue are perfect for a bright pop of color on an autumn day. Whether you go for a cool blue tone that looks amazing on almost any skin tone or you choose a darker, richer option, blue is more suitable for fall weather than one would think. While it isn’t a color found on autumn leaves, we love how it looks with many fall outfits and it’s a great alternative to the bolder fall colors.

7. Crisp Yellow

We can’t forget yellow. As one of the boldest colors in autumn, we think it definitely should go on your nails as well. While you don’t want to go fluorescent when choosing yellow, a darker and crisper tone of yellow would be great for your fall outfit. It is cherry enough to keep you smiling yet subtle enough to fit right in with the season.
Painting your nails can be a fun way to stand out and enjoy your style. These above-mentioned nail trends are just some of the ways to bring some autumn into your beauty routine.


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