Chic Christmas Nail Colors


It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas colored nails! While classic cherry red is looks sophisticated with any attire, there’s a full pallet of colors that’ll have you making out your gift list in style. Whether you prefer a solid color or like to mix it up with graphics and sparkles, these colors will give you a large assortment of combinations. Get ready to deck the hall with 8 chic Christmas nail colors.

Green Like the Grinch

Create a little envy with this Grinch inspired manicure. This year, try a green French manicure, or use some of the color on signature nail as mistletoe, pine boughs or olive branch garland. Moreover, get creative with angles and lines to elevate a traditional straight-across French tip.


The Joy de Vivre in nails this season is the oh-so-sophisticated off-white manicure. Parchment polish is reminiscent of tradition, eggnog, crème desserts, and best of all, simplicity. This color makes jewelry sparkle brightly and our complexions glow. It serves as a base or highlight color in endless designs. The scroll design is one most popular on parchment tone nails this Christmas.

Bronze Beauty

Bronze nails are a little extra for some, but trust us, ladies who rock them are as mesmerizingly gorgeous as their style would lead you to believe. Women with deeper skin tones look especially polished in a shiny bronze manicure. Metallic’s compliment the season’s faux fur, chunky knits, and rich gemstone jewelry.

Sugar Plum

Vivid pink polish has been revamped just in time for Christmas this year. It will give everyone around you visions of sugar plums. This hand-blended formula is on the money, is a great stocking stuffer because, everyone will want to know where you scored it.

Hot Cocoa

Could there seriously be a better nail polish huge out on the market than Hot Cocoa for Christmas? This luscious shade of chocolate brown is rich and it also minimizes nail blemishes. It’s the right choice for day and evening looks. This hue is perfect for reindeer art, glitter nail tips, geometric French designs and so much more.

Celestial Blue

Celeste Blue, is so gorgeous that you will find yourself gazing into your nails. With a second coat, this chic color is long-lasting and hardly willing to chip with all the gift wrapping and holiday dishes you’re in for. It reminds us of the elegant robes and holy layers the Three Wise Men wore to present their finest treasures.

Santa Baby

If you’ve been a really good girl this year, chances are there may already be a similar shade of red in your beauty arsenal, yet Victoria Beckham’s Crimson hue, “Mary” made a glam appearance on the 2018 People’s Choice Awards. As elegant and fabulous as ever, this is the red, made only by Bio Seaweed Gel USA, that has everyone turning heads. Did we mention it’s also Vegan and cruelty Free?

Hypnotic Purple

A violet manicure drenched in such shades of hypnotic purple is exceptionally popular for those spending holiday time away for Christmas this year. It travels beautifully and looks great in every climate.


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