Brazilian Blowout Essential Facts


The term Brazilian Blowout has been around a while now, and chances are you have seen it advertised by your local salons, and seen the before and after shots either on Pinterest and Instagram. You have heard people refer to it as life-changing, but maybe you still are not quite sure what exactly it is. Because there are so many hair treatments available and many claims about which is superior, it is helpful to learn what exactly this treatment is, what your salon does to complete it, what to expect from the treatment and how to continue to care for your hair once it has been applied.

So, What is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a process of applying a liquid keratin formula to your hair to create stronger, healthier hair. The liquid bonds to each strand of hair, sealing it and reducing frizz and minimizing the potential for future damage. Initially done in Brazil using native ingredients, this protective treatment is full of natural and healthy ingredients like annatto seeds, acai berry, camu camu, and more. This power-packed formula leaves an individual with hair that is well hydrated and shows reduced frizz. The shiny, mirror-like strands that result are also much more tolerant of heat styling, whether from daily blow-drying, straightening, or curling.

Sooo Many Keratin Treatments, But Why’s This Different?

Keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts result in similar hair conditions. However, most Keratin treatments leave you with restricted options post-treatment. For example, after many keratin treatments, you will be instructed to do nothing with your hair. You can not style it in any way, including merely putting it in a clip or ponytail. You also have to avoid washing your hair for several days! A Brazilian Blowout is not nearly as sensitive, can be individualized easier, and once it is rinsed out you are back to your regular hair care routine.

Will A Brazilian Blowout Straighten My Hair?

The level of straightness achieved from a Brazilian Blowout is mostly up to you. Straightness is created when your stylist uses a flat iron, set at 450 degrees over your hair to seal the treatment. If you desire to have super straight hair, your stylist needs to straighten more. Alternatively, you can do only a bit of straightening in an attempt to reduce any fizz.
While your hair will be much easier to work with post-Brazilian Blowout, it will still be your hair. If you have curls, you aren’t going to have now hair that blow drys or air drys perfectly straight. However, you can expect all things hair prep to take significantly less time.

Is a Brazilian Blowout Safe For My Hair?

There is a lot of fear surrounding Brazilian Blowout formulas due to the presence of formaldehyde. While it is present, the amount is incredibly small and is not any more than would be found in other beauty formulas such as nail polish. Formaldehyde is an essential ingredient in the recipe, because, in order to bond with your hair, a chemical reaction must be accomplished. The result will be hair that is stronger, more nourished, and healthier than ever before. Not to mention shinier!

How Long Can I Expect the Treatment to Take?

Like most hairstyling, the amount of time you will need to budget for your Brazilian Blowout will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. However, you can generally expect to plan on one to two hours for a full application. Your hair will need to be perfectly clean before treatment, which may mean 3-4 rounds of shampooing. The cleaner your hair is, the better the formula will stick to your strands. Then, each section of your hair will receive the formula starting at the root and moving to the tips. Once it is fully applied, the formula will be blow-dried on. Finally, a straight iron will be used to seal in the mask, followed by another round of blow-drying.

How Long Will It Last?

You can expect your Brazilian Blowout to last for for as long as four months. This is especially true when you are avoiding shampoos and hair treatments that contain sulfates and reducing your exposure to chlorine. It also is beneficial if you are not often washing your hair. You will notice your treatment wearing off when your natural curl patterns begin to emerge, usually most noticeable around your roots.

Will a Brazilian Blowout Affect My Hair if It’s Color Treated?

Because a Brazilian Blowout treatment effectively seals each strand of hair, not only is the treatment safe for colored hair, but it may also make your colored strands stay vibrant and shiny for longer. If you color treat your hair, the best timing for your Brazilian blowout is immediately following your color, due to your cuticles being open already. It is of note to mention that there is a chance your color will appear brighter post blowout treatment. Brightening is something that if your stylist is aware of, they can adequately prepare for and apply color accordingly.

Post Brazilian Blowout Upkeep?

If you are someone who is not a fan of continuing care for your hair treatments, a Brazilian Blowout is for you. Unlike other keratin treatments, there are not any restrictions or considerations you need to make. You can wear your hair in a ponytail, go sweat at the gym, or style as usual. The only thing you should do is to ensure that you are using hair products free of sulfates and chlorine. Then? Enjoy your glossy, healthy hair!


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