Best Hairstyles for Growing Out Your Bangs


Bangs always seems like a good idea beforehand but you usually regret it later. As chic as they are, you just get tired of keeping up with the maintenance of having to trim them once they start getting longer. That awkward stage can last for four or five months while your hair grows. Before you panic, keep reading to see what fabulous hairstyles you can try while you wait for those bangs to grow.

Top Knot

The half knot is trendy and also a great way to disguise those bangs while they’re growing out. If your bangs are in your eyes, this style will definitely work for you. Section the hair in the front you want to use, then just grab some hold spray and bobby pins.

Pinup, Girl

Trying using bobby pins to secure the ends of your bangs. Once your bangs get longer, try tucking them behind an ear. You may still need a bobby pin to keep the ends secured. Then allow the rest of the hair to fall forward and blend. Retro Hollywood curls are a glamorous upgrade to this pinup idea.

Retro Chic

Time for a blast from the past. Remember those oh-so-popular snap clips from the 90s? They are cute, and making a comeback. Plus, accessories are trendy and make for a great bang disguise. Use these similarly to bobby pins to get those bangs off your forehead to give yourself a more pulled back look.

Slicked and Slayed

We have seen our favorites like Kylie and Kim rock it, the wet slick back look. This sexy style is achieved with some water, gel and brushing your hair back. You may need a slickening crème depending on your hair texture. This dramatic red carpet style is great for a head-turning evening look. You could also try using a flat iron to control unruly bangs to have a looser bone straight look.

Glam Parts

Choosing a middle part while your bangs grow out can help hide that awkward length. Just brush your hair to one side and can use some gel to secure lose hairs. The popular curtain bang trend can easily be done by parting your bangs in the middle and using gel to slick down the ends on either side of your temple. Sectioning your bangs while your hair is wet will help you to get a more polished look and makes the style last longer.


A headband is a versatile accessory that can enhance a look. Use a headband to pull back those bangs off your forehead while you’re growing them out. You may need a little gel to keep the ends down and polish off your look. Other accessories like earrings and broaches are another way to add a lavish feel when pulling back those bangs.


Twists or French braids along the hairline are so popular right now. Secure the tail of the twist or braid to your head with bobby pins. You could also twist your bangs up using a little holding mousse or gel to create a fun mini pompadour.


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