2019 Fall Makeup Trends


It’s back to the glow, glitter, and glam of the 1990’s. Trends that used to be popular back in the day always seem to repeat themselves and makeup seems to be no exception. Trends we saw once in the 90’s are making a comeback for some current fall makeup looks. Pull out all your old fashion magazines so you can refresh your memory on all the old makeup trends and tricks from the time of the disco ball.


Get ready to pucker up and make a lip statement this fall season.

Cherry red lips is a trend that seems to come back into style every year around the fall season.

Stained oxblood lips are another color that is big from the 90’s era. By pressing the dark red pigments onto your lips, you can achieve the lived-in finish. You can really show off your lips with the dark red color while the rest of your face has a softer, natural affect. This, along with emphasizing your lips with a darker shade of color will really make your lips pop and stand out.

Matte red is another great color to use on your lips. Brush your face with that light and more natural glow and pucker up; your lips are the star of this show.

Lined lips are another trend that’s making its way back onto the modeling runway this fall. You will want to line your lips with a lip liner that is about two shades darker than the natural shade of your lips. Then smudge your lip liner inward for that fade effect. Lastly you will top your lips with a matching high shine lip gloss. This is the best way to really draw the attention straight to your lips.


If not your lips, the make your eyes the focus of your appearance this fall. Force them to stand out using some of these glam ideas and let the compliments come rolling in when people see you.

Smoky eye is a 90’s classic that will live on forever and never get old. This trend that continues year after year and tends to to shimmery, but you can always go for a less glitzy, matte smoked out look too.

Watercolor eyes are another big hit for the 2019 Fall season. This is achieved by taking three colors that are either warm or cool to make a euphoric, radiant effect. Orange, yellow, and pink are three colors that you can put together to achieve this colorful effect on your eyelid. Purple, blue, and green are three cool colors that you can use to liven the mood.

Smoky bronze has made its way to the color palette selection this season. Instead of just the traditional smoky eye with black, grey, and white, use other colors like browns and nudes to achieve a different smoky effect. Smoky bronze is done with dark copper shadows for a new look.

Colored eye liner is the perfect way to add a splash of excitement to your beautiful look. Experiment with different colors and add some spunk to your regular makeup routine. Try putting a neon colored liner on your bottom lower lashes and a thick black wing on your upper lashes.You will turn eyes everywhere you go.

Make it Glow

Glitter is coming back to make us all shine and sparkle. We aren’t getting too out of control with the glow, however. Keep a sophisticated sparkle to your look. Use a glittery gel product and slightly apply it over your eye lids to add a light sparkle to your look. You don’t want to go overboard with the glitter. You can also use a shimmery eye shadow that has tiny flecks of glitter to achieve some extra shine.

Make yourself glow with light natural colored highlighters. You want to accent on your eyes or lips and leave the rest of your face natural. You are not trying to be boring, but you don’t want to overachieve either. A small sweep of a natural highlighter over certain areas on your face will give you the glow that you are trying to achieve. Apply it to your cheek bones, temples, bridge of your nose, and the inner corners of your eyes.

It’s time to show off your skills this 2019 fall season with some of these makeup trends mentioned. Whether you’ve tried some of these looks before or this is something new to you, it’s time to grab your makeup mirror and brushes and start playing with some fun and funky looks. You never know – you might try something new and end up loving it!


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