15 Fresh Hairstyles for Spring


The spring is quickly approaching. Better weather, longer days, and spring fashion! With new spring fashion comes new spring hair. What are your favorite spring hairstyles? In this blog we’ll go over some fresh new hair ideas to welcome the new season.

1. Blunt Cut Bob

Jaw-line length bobs are stylish, young, and fresh. They give you a clean look, but with an edge. What better way to show off the detail in your spring dress than with a fierce bob? The shorter and more precise, the better. Blunt cuts are easy to manage and adds boldness to any fashion choice. If you are not ready to go full out, you can do a longer shoulder-length bob. It will still give you a new spring glow.

2. Half Messy Bun

Half of your hair is in a bun, and half of your hair is flowing down your back. You get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to spend time making the bun perfect. Messy top buns give more volume and character to your hair. You can spice up this look by adding waves or curls in the back.

3. Sleek Pulled Back Ponytail

Spring is full of formal events and cocktail hours. A sleek pulled back ponytail offers you versatility. This look can be formal or casual. This style is easier to manage the straighter your hair is. A part down the middle will add more definition to your sleek look. Wrap a small section of hair around the ponytail holder to give you a clean appearance.

4. The 2020 Shag

I know what you are thinking, but the ’70s are coming back. More and more celebrities are rocking the updated modern version of the shag. If you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can wear this style confidently. This style is flattering to the face. It highlights your bone structure.

5. Curly Fro

Natural curls and coils are taking over. This style of cut will keep your curls full of life. The way to perfectly create this style is to trim your hair in its natural curl pattern to create a rounded look. This style is great for people that have a natural curl or coil to their hair. The curly fro is fresh. Add a side part for more volume and style.

6. Curtain Bangs

So, if you’re not ready to drastically change your style, but you want a new look…consider curtain bangs. These bangs surround your face giving you a soft elegant look. They can be as long as you like. We like them because you can still keep them out of your face. Curtain bangs are a great spring option because if you don’t like them, they’ll grow back fast!

7. Top Knot Twist

High ponytails are always a great spring choice but take it a step further. When you put your hair into a high pony, twist it tightly and create a top knot. Any hair texture or type is great for this style. It gives you a runway sleek look. A great pair of earrings or spring accessories will go great with this look.

8. Short Bangs

Full and blunt bangs are always the trend options, but the short bang is on-trend. Short bangs sit above your eyebrows and they have a precise cut. These bangs are not as intense as full bangs which makes them easier to manage. This style places more attention on your eyes. The short bang brings a new zeal to your hair.

9. The Modern Pixie

This spring, the super short length cropped look is in. This style is shorter than we have seen previous pixie cuts. The modern pixie features little to no movement, the hair is cut in a defined cropped look. It adds freshness to your spring look. This style is so classic because it has many varieties. Straight, waved, spiked, curly, etc. The modern pixie is a flirty short cut that will dominate in the spring.

10. Slick Back Wet Look

We are bringing gel back from the ’90s. The wet look has been seen on runways and has made its way to the everyday individual. You can achieve this style by using hair spray and gel. By pushing all of your hair away from your face, you can do the perfect spring makeup look. This style can be simple, or you can add dazzle with a cute hairpin.

11. Fused Blonde + Brunette Hair Color

Spring is a great time to try new hair colors. Go for a light brown color that infuses blonde and brunette colors. It gives a soft fresh look. So, if you are having a hard time choosing between going light with blonde or darker with brunette colors…go in between!

12. Loose Waves

Jump into spring with the long loose flowing waves. Loose waves can add volume to straight hair. You can achieve this look by putting light curls in your hair and letting them flow. If you don’t want a full curl but you like body in your hair, the loose wave will work perfectly for you. This style looks great with bright spring colored clothing.

13. Braids & Jewelry

Braids are on trend for spring. Lightweight individual braids are stylish and fun. You can wear them straight down, put them up into a bun, or wear them half up/half down. Whatever style you choose, add some spark by adding jewelry accessories to your braids.

14. Curly Highlights

This spring you will see more voluminous curls with highlights. To achieve the perfect curly highlight look, have your stylist carefully lighten each curl. You can wear this style wild, letting your curls flow freely or you can wear tightly managed uniform curls.

15. Deep Side Part

Versatility is key! Deep side parts are on-trend for spring. Whether you wear a deep side part low ponytail or a deep side part long straight hair, you can’t go wrong. It is such a clean look for the spring. Consider adding waves or curls to your hair to add definition to the deep side part.


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