10 Easy Fall Hairstyles for 2019


Fall is the perfect time to pull out your favorite low-maintenance yet high-impact hairstyles. You’ve got things to do and places to be, but you still need to look fabulous while you zip around town. This fall, add a bit of edge to your look with one of these ten easy hairstyles.

1. Easy Haircut: Blunt Bob

The number one on-trend style this fall is the blunt bob cut, which Hailey Baldwin wore for a recent photoshoot. Talk to your hairdresser about adding bangs, layers, and other elements to give your hairdo a personal edge. Shorter bobs are easier to style and look slightly more youthful, but longer, well-tended blunt bobs will give you a fashionista vibe. Once you’ve got the cut, you can use different products to go fluffy or professional based on your mood.

2. Fun Haircut: Curly Shag

Curls are way in this fall. If you’ve already got naturally curly hair, choose a short to medium haircut that lets them bounce. You can also have a go with the curling iron before school or work to get the same bouncy, fun appearance. Look for a spray that keeps frizz down and adds just a little volume; if your curls aren’t natural, you might need something with more hold.

3. Retro Haircut: Bangs

Are you tired of your hair getting in your face? Maybe a retro bangs style can solve your problem. Bangs aren’t difficult to maintain; just keep them clean and learn to use your hair iron. Make sure you trust your stylist, and have a serious conversation about the length and shape of your bangs before the first cut is made. Since bangs are a commitment, consider trying a clip-in hair enhancer that will let you rock the style without actually cutting your hair.

4. Simple Style: Extra Volume Waves

When you have a little extra time in the morning, treat yourself to a high-volume blowout that shows off your long, gorgeous tresses. Use a curling iron or a crimping iron to develop a floaty, wavy shape. If you don’t have the thickest hair, you can use tricks like backcombing or sleeping in a scrunchie to produce more volume throughout the day. Find yourself a volumizing hair product that you love; it will be your best friend all season long.

5. Working Style: Low Buns and Ponytails

Forget the high bun; it carries way too much tension. For that cool and casual working look, you need a low bun or a loose ponytail. If you prefer buns, play around with different twists and braids to get an updo effect. If you’re more of a ponytail person, try the sleek, low pony that Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing.

6. Casual Style: Face-Framing Braids

Margot Robbie has been spotted wearing face-framing braids that mimic the look of Sharon Tate, who Robbie is playing in an upcoming movie. You can rock the look yourself with a few minutes in front of the mirror. This style definitely benefits from a bit of hair gel and a few bobby pins. If you want to use tiny hair ties, look for ones that blend in with your hair color. Once you’ve got the braids in place, you can let them hang loose, or you can pin them up for a slightly more put-together look.

7. Natural Color: Dirty Brunette

If you’ve got dark brown hair, try exploring the lighter side of things with the dirty brunette look. Dirty brunette looks a lot like dirty blonde; incorporate gentle highlights that change the visual texture of your hair without straying away from your lovely brown color. The goal is to celebrate your hair’s existing tones, so go with shades that really play up your natural hair color. The best part is that as your roots grow out, your hair still looks amazing.

8. Exciting Color: Blackberry Purple

Dark purple isn’t the easiest hair color to achieve, but it’s one of the easiest colors to maintain. Blackberry tones fade into a light lavender that stays looking good until your next appointment. You can go for a full set of blackberry highlights, or you might consider adding just a few streaks in your underlayer for a subtle but fun splash of color. Don’t forget to choose a shampoo and conditioner intended to maintain hair color; you don’t want to lose those purple tones after your first shower.

9. Warm Color: Orange and Coral

The trees start to turn orange in the fall, so why shouldn’t you? Try rocking orange, red, or coral tones to really celebrate the season. You don’t actually need bleach to get this look. Instead, find the right shade of wash-out hair dye to add just a bit of warmth and fun to your existing hair color; even brown hair will hold red tones for a few weeks. You can also visit the salon for a full set of highlights that will help you keep the color for several months.

10. Quick Fashion: Statement Accessories

Fall is the perfect time of year to show off your favorite statement accessories. Your collection should start with a wide headband that can keep your hair out of the way while working or studying. Next, find a big, colorful scrunchie that pops out from the rest of your wardrobe. And finally, you’ll need a handful of big, exciting hair clips and slides. Pay attention to the tone set by your hair clips – you can use pearls or crystals to get an elegant appearance, bright metals to pull your other accessories together, or fun plastic prints that have more of a modern vibe.

While you’re planning your fall hairdos, put a little thought into the look you want to rock this winter. Now is the time to grow your hair out or work towards returning to a natural shade. You can also have fun with the hair dye and plan for an early January pixie cut. No matter what look you choose to rock this fall, remember to give it that personal twist that only you know how to accomplish.


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