10 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day as a Family


There is nothing better than spending the day with dear old dad on Father’s Day. For those who don’t live close enough to gather for the occasion, it can leave a big empty hole in your dad’s heart. Family time is precious, and that is why you need to make sure you make an effort to make this day special. Giving and receiving love doesn’t cost a thing. Regardless of your budget, you don’t have to go broke to show the most important man in your life how much you care. Invite your siblings and their kids, it’s going to be a great day! Here are some exciting activities that you can do to have family time with your father.

1. Have A Barbeque With Family and Friends
Nothing says love like a belly full of food. A huge helping of hamburgers and hot dogs, along with some amazing potato salad, is a great way to spend the day. Why not bring in a few games like horseshoes, corn-hole, or basketball? It doesn’t really matter what you serve or play, the fact is that you are spending the day laughing and talking. This is the stuff that good memories are made of.

2. Make It All About Golf
There are many guys who love nothing more than to drive around in a golf cart and play a few holes. Why not gather up the clubs and head to the nearest course? Chances are that they will have a special price or deal for fathers. Some will even let them golf for free that day.

3. Make Something For Him
It doesn’t matter if you are 10 or 60, all fathers love something that was handcrafted just for them. The younger ones can make cards, clay sculptures or other unique treasures. Older ones can use their woodworking skills to whittle, carve, or built something fabulous. It really isn’t about the gift as much as the thought behind it. If your dad isn’t a good fit for the typical Father’s Day gifts, then make him something special.

4. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Fishing is one of the biggest and best sports for men. There is scarcely a man that doesn’t like sitting on the side of a lake catching some rays and a few fish. Remember stories about the one that got away? Gather all the kids and head to the nearest ocean, lake, or river. You can have a smashing time reminiscing about old times and making new memories.

5. Reminisce With Pictures
No matter whether you are doing a BBQ or just sitting by the lake, you want to make sure to take lots of pictures. Pull out the old albums and look at the family in prior years. Nothing says family time like a trip down memory lane. Laugh, cry, and just spend time together. You could even get creative and make a slide show, and put the pictures to a song special for your dad. Something special like this will be remembered for many years to come.

6. Take Him On A Trip
Is there some place that your dad has always wanted to go? Perhaps, he has longed to take an Alaskan cruise or to hike the Appalachian Trail. Why not load up the car with the siblings and take dad on an adventure of a lifetime. No card or golf game could ever compare to an escapade like this.

7. Family Karaoke Night
Does your dad sing well? Even if he doesn’t, what fun it would be to have a night of family karaoke. Crooning out tunes from the era, he grew up in, as well as songs of today, is sure to be a fun time for all. Just be sure to bring the ear plugs for those who think they can sing but cannot.

8. Take Dad To One Of His Favorite Childhood Haunts
Did your dad have a favorite hangout as a teenager? If it is possible, why not recreate a day from yesteryear. Take him to his favorite stomping grounds, order his favorite foods, and spend the day reminiscing about his younger years. The years before he was a father is quite formidable to the man he is today. You may even learn a thing or two about your dad you never knew.

9. Head To An Amusement Park
There is no better way to spend the day than hanging upside down, going at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour, and twirling in circles till you nearly get sick. Ah, whether it is a fair or an adventure at a local theme park, it’s a great way to spend the day as a family. If your dad has gotten too old to ride the rides, then he may enjoy taking in the shows and dining on some exquisite foods.

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10. Go To A Zoo or A Safari
No matter where you live, you have a zoo or a safari close by. Why not spend the day monkeying around with dad? Sure, dad will enjoy a close encounter with nature, and it is a perfect way to get the children and grandkids involved too. There is just something fascinating about watching the animals in their natural habitat. Seeing them swimming, playing, eating, and just living life is amazing.

Making Every Day Count!
The preceding are 10 things that will help give you some ideas on what to do this Father’s Day. Of course, it is just a few of the many things out there. The important thing is to just be together. It doesn’t matter if you spend the day fishing, swimming, grilling or on a boat, the best thing is that it will be done together.

If your dad lives too far away for you to visit on this special day, then send him a gift card or paid excursion that allows him to get out and have fun whether you can be there or not. Your dad won’t always be around, so make sure to make this Father’s Day count.

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