Tips to Ease the Back to School Anxiety


Starting a new semester at school can be stressful for your child. Meeting new kids in all new classes can create anxiety for many. Their curriculum becomes more difficult as their grade level increases too. Putting all these together can make your child feel uneasy about starting the new school year. Fortunately, there are measures you can take as a parent to help transition your child into starting the new school year. Here are some tips that you can follow to ease your child’s anxiety about going back to school this fall.

Preparing for Their School Schedule

One of the easiest ways to help your child transition back into the groove of things is to have them change their sleeping schedules before school starts. This will help adjust their sleep patterns to prepare for school and get them into a regular morning routine. Be sure to have them select the clothes they’re going to wear the night before to instill this practice into them as well. Nothing is more harmful than to expect your child to adjust to a school schedule overnight when they have been staying up late over the summertime.

Talk to Them

Ask your child what is causing them anxiety about school. Talking to them will allow you to find the root of the problem that makes them feel uneasy about attending the fall semester. Reassure them that you have their best interests in mind and that it is ok to talk to you about their problems. Sometimes we don’t find out what is troubling our children until after the fact. Be patient when asking them what is troubling them. You will find this approach to be much easier than forcing answers out of them.

Play Dates

Being around close friends is a great way to alleviate stress when you’re in school. We tend to gravitate towards those we feel comfortable with in uncertain situations. Arrange a play date with classmates that your child knows before and during the school year to help them socialize in a comfortable environment. This will teach them that opening up socially is ok and will enable them to find other potential friends amongst their classmates.

Focus on The Positives

Talk to your child and ask them what they like about school. This will highlight the positives of school and set your child’s mindset in the right direction. Remind them that things may be difficult at first but will most certainly get better over time if they focus on the positives.

Going back to school can be rough for all both parents and children alike. Parents must watch their children go through necessary hardships at school and feel helpless at times to alleviate their problems. Fortunately, being a positive influence in your child’s life is one of the best ways to help reassure them that everything will work out. Use these tips to help your child ease back into the school year and build a positive foundation going forward.


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