Reasons Why Public Libraries Matter


Public libraries are an important part of the social fabric of our society. They make you feel welcome and provide resources for all. There are multiple reasons why public libraries matter.

Educational Resources & Programs

Public libraries offer free educational resources. These resources include access to various books and advanced training programs. You can depend on these learning institutions to help find the answers to your questions. Libraries also offer seniors and young adults access to age-specific resources.

Patrons are also able to use resources to find employment opportunities, view benefits, research educational opportunities and perform necessary training. Many libraries offer primarily free internet and computer access for your community.

Though many rely on technology, you can find lots of information that isn’t readily available on the internet at your local library. You can find offline resources such as hardback encyclopedias, atlases and academic research journals. Public libraries will always matter and continue to provide you with both digital and non-digital resources.

Language Resources

Libraries harbor a prominent role in the advancement of cultural diversity by offering an abundance of resources for ESL learners. While English is not the primary language for some, it is the main language spoken in the United States. It is necessary to have a good command of the English language. As an English learner, you’re afforded resources such as audiobooks and free language courses. You can also find many native language books at your local library. This can help non-English speakers feel more included while learning their new language. Libraries also offer complimentary tutorial sessions for various subjects, after-school homework assistance and literacy programs throughout the year. These help to enhance academic performance and reading skills for those who speak other languages.


Public libraries host public book signings and craft and local art programs for kids. Art exhibitions and world-class plays also take place in your local library.

Events & Activities

You can attend various community events at public libraries. They offer storytelling sessions for young children, and teenagers often use libraries as a social hub. This is where you are bound to meet new people and even may make a friend or two. You can foster important community connections at your local public library. Libraries are a hub for political activities happening in the community. Politicians hold regular library meetings there in order to engage with the community. Public libraries also help you stay up to date on recent political issues and happenings. This can help to teach citizens to be empowered and advocate for one another.

Health Resources

Libraries help to the general public gain easy access to reliable health information. They also offer health literacy programs and free consultations for certain basic health concerns.

Many underestimate the qualitative value of the public library. They continue to offer numerous tangible and intangible benefits to our communities.


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