How to Plan a Sleepover Party


If you want to give your child freedom while still spending time with them, a sleepover is a great solution. However, this should be done with some planning on your part. Fortunately, a little bit of thought and preparation will go a long way in making this type of activity both memorable and fun for everyone. The tips below are some of the best to help you get started.

Send Out the Invitations

The invitations for the party should be sent out at least a few weeks in advance to ensure the parents have enough time to plan. In these invitations it’s important to include your contact information, the party location, the time of the party, and any activities that are planned. Let parents know they can contact you at any time if they have questions or concerns.

Decide on Food

A few days before the party, you’ll want to figure out what type of food you’ll be serving. In most situations, pizza is a great choice. Ask your child if their friends have any dietary restrictions or allergies and go from there. For example, if you decide to go with pizza, you could get one that’s all vegetables or cheese for those who don’t eat meat. When it comes to drinks, make sure to have something fun (like soda) as well as water and juice.

Choose Activities

No sleepover is complete without a few movies for the kids to watch well into the night when they’re supposed to be asleep. However, other activities may be necessary to pass the time. Painting nails, doing face masks, or even playing hide and seek are all excellent options. Work with your child to figure out which games or activities their friends are going to enjoy.

Lay Out Bedding

Since it’s unlikely that you have enough beds for each child, the floor will be the main sleeping area. To ensure each person is comfortable, lay out a lot of blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows. If you don’t have enough, then ask each person invited to bring their own in the invitations.

Plan the Next Day

Think about what you’ll do in the morning when all the kids wake up. If they won’t be picked up until the afternoon, then it will be important to have breakfast and lunch items laid out. You might also want to have an outdoor activity or game planned to pass the time.

Sleepovers are excellent ideas for parties because they truly are easy to plan. While you can make these more elaborate with decorations or gourmet foods, most kids will be more than happy with pizza and a few movies. If you end up with questions, discuss the plans with your child and you’ll have confidence that you’re making the right choices.


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