Beat the Back to School Mania


As you are preparing for the hectic back to school mania that comes around this time of the summer, we have some simple yet helpful tips to help you manage and make the process a little easier. Keep some of these things in mind as the new school semester approaches.

Clean Up

Cleaning a child’s room thoroughly before school begins is imperative, and it will make your child more organized and ready to focus on the new school year. One of the best ways to complete this chore is by emptying any desk or dresser drawers to get rid of clothing that no longer fits or junk that they don’t need. You can also throw away or donate any old/unwanted toys or books to have a cleaner and less cluttered space.

Plan Out a Place for Studying/Homework

Your children need a place to study each day, so you should provide a table or desk along with the proper lighting. If your home is large enough, then you can use a separate room for a study area, but alternatively, you can create a little study nook in your child’s room instead. Try to ensure that this is a comfortable and quiet space, away from the TV or any other distractions.

Shop for New School Clothing and Shoes

Your children likely have grown a bit over the summer, meaning some of their clothes from last year might not fit anymore. New school clothes are a great way to help your child feel ready to start the new school year. If your child’s school requires uniforms, then make sure to follow the guidelines for buying the garments. When your children can wear any type of clothing, look for a few outfits that are suitable for the warm weather that occurs at the beginning of the school year. Remember that you child may need special clothing or athletic shoes for playing sports/gym.

Visit the Dentist/Doctor

Make sure to schedule a doctor and/or dentist appointment for each child before school begins. It’s good to ensure that your child is healthy and ready to start the new year. Make sure they are up to date and set up with any shots they might need and have access to any medicines they may require throughout the school year. This is also a good time to get your child’s physical for gym class or sports. Most schools will require this for your child to be eligible to participate in physical activities, so you may as well get them done ahead of time.

Save Money on School Supplies

If you want to save money on school supplies, then shop at all of the stores before school begins. Most stores have special deals on the supplies required for students; including folders, notebooks, pencils, crayons and pens, and more. Get a list of the required supplies, but also, make sure to buy extra items for later in the school year and for your child’s homework.

Have Cubbies Located in Your Home’s Entrance-way

When you have several children who are in school, it is a challenge to cope with all of the backpacks, sports equipment and outerwear that piles up in an entrance way. However, you can organize an entrance way with cubbies that are similar to what schools have in the hallways. Label each cubby so that your children can organize things each day after school for the next morning.

Begin Adjusting Your Child’s Sleeping Schedule

Many parents let their kids to stay up later and sleep in longer during the summer. However, this leads to a problem when it is time for school to start. Some time before the first day of school, begin to adjust your child’s sleep schedule gradually so that it is easier for your sons and/or daughters to wake up in the morning.

Perform Remedial Learning at Home

Most children forget a lot of what was learned during the school year, but as a parent, you can help your kids with these problems. Visit a public library to find books for you to read to your children and also to choose books that the children can read with you. Libraries also have other materials available including textbooks to help children practice important mathematical skills and other skills as well. The more you can prepare with your child, the better equipped they will be for the school year.

Arrange Extra Day Care for Your Children

If your children need day care after or before school, then you should look for a place that provides transportation to/from the local schools. You may also need this day care during holidays or if a school is closed due to inclement weather conditions.

Make Plans to Go to Your School’s Open House

Most schools have an open house event before the first day of school so that children and parents can meet the teachers and tour the building. This helps children to feel calmer about the first day of school, and parents will learn more about what the students need to have for school.


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