Budding Gardening Trends for 2019


There are so many exciting new trends to get your garden ready for spring. Classic garden looks like rose trellises, tomato cages and flower beds overflowing with annuals are comforting garden standards. Here are predictions for the top garden trends for in 2019.

Growing Food

Growing your own food isn’t new but placing gardens in small, residential spaces is a trending. You don’t need rolling hills or acres of land or even a corner lot for a high-yield garden. Transforming residential yards and lawns into edible landscapes is becoming quite easy. Small compost barrels and bins are available at nurseries and garden stores. They make composting less messy and more contained. Varieties of vegetables and leafy greens can be planted close together, giving a lush appearance and garden-like texture. Crops are rotated throughout the growing seasons. Once harvested, leafy greens that border a pathway in early spring can yield to rosemary that thrives during the heat of summer.

Small Space Gardening

Small space gardening isn’t solely for edible gardens. Any small space has an opportunity to transform into a relaxing outdoor area. Small gardens incorporate multi-talent plants to make the most of limited area. Multi-talent plants feature brilliant fall foliage, winter interest, double blooms in spring and fall and leafy shade during summer months. Plants that fall into this category include ornamental shrubs and trees. Cultivars of viburnum, hibiscus, Japonica and other flowering quince are fragrant, colorful and perennial.

Focal Points

A focal point sets your garden’s tone and makes an impressive first impression. Focal points are a design trend that centers specimen plants, water features or even outbuildings. It’s important to remember that a focal point doesn’t have to be in the literal center of your garden. Asymmetric trends, like the Japanese wabi-sabi design embrace imperfection. An off-center focal point can make a garden area seem larger. It can also break monotony and add an element of surprise. For instance, a bright sunflower set in an urban garden’s one sunny spot can act as a focal point amid complementary shade plants.


The color of the year is coral, this vibrant shade is one pretty pink colors that you can expect to see in numerous gardens this year. With varieties of geraniums, begonias, zinnia and sunflower bred to reveal surprisingly bright, vivid and hot tones you can expect to be dazzled.


All-green is also a big trend for 2019, with gardeners creating urban woodlands that refresh and filter polluted air. Broad leaves, glossy foliage, intricate variegation and arching fronds all appeal to green-only gardeners. When it comes to plant features, go the extreme with lots of green.

Environmental Impact

Environmental impact is one trend that underlies each of these garden styles. Gardens are beginning to reflect emerging cultural practices like low-irrigation, reusable garden materials and plants that can withstand extreme heat and cold.


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