Ways to Enjoy Holiday Parties Without Packing on the Pounds


By Lauren Jablonski

During the holiday season, there is food everywhere and you might be tempted to overindulge. Everyone around you is telling you it is okay to have fun and eat whatever you like. It is normal to succumb to these urges, but you need to be disciplined in order to avoid pilling on pounds during the holidays. Even though you might have broken some of your normal routines, stay within limits so you don’t gain more weight. The following ways will help enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds.

Keep a Food Log

Setting goals will help you stay motivated and on track. One method that will help you stick to your goal is a food diary, a book where you record what you eat and how much you eat, so you don’t overeat.

Don’t Binge Eat

A wide array of appealing foods and a feel-good mood, can lead one to overindulge. Overeating can be nipped in the bud by consciously picking a smaller plate and eating smaller portions.

Limit your Alcohol Intake

Alcohol is a villain when it comes to piling on extra calories. Only indulge in one or two drinks during the holidays. Your body will thank you when you have maintained your trim figure after the holiday season is over.

Stay Active

Make sure to stay active during the holidays. Swim, play a game of tennis or go dancing, this will help you burn calories while having fun. If you are already a member of gym or belong to a fit group, consider a temporary membership to a similar group if you are traveling during the holidays.

Stick to a Sleep Routine

If you are not getting enough sleep, rest assured that you will not be able to lose those extra pounds. Sleeping helps you lose weight in different ways. Sleep increases your metabolism and boosts fat lost. The longer you stay awake, the more likely you are to consume calories that your body does not need. Sticking to a regular sleep routine can even reduce late night splurges.

Savor your Splurges

You do not have to forgo your cravings; after all, this is the holiday season. All you need to remember is moderation is the key. Enjoy your splurges with some restraint.

Eat Fresh & Healthy Foods

During holiday parties, people tend to indulge in junk foods and forget the vegetables. A plate half-filled with vegetables is a great way to lose extra pounds. The high fiber content in vegetables will leave you feeling full, thus suppressing your cravings.


Water helps boost your metabolism and flush out toxins. Whenever you feel hungry, grab a glass of water, you will be surprised how much less you will consume. It is possible to stay lean during the holidays. Don’t let social pressure get to you; set your priorities and stick to them. Enjoy the holiday season by following these helpful tips to avoid weight gain.


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