Frugal Ways to Decorate Your Home for Fall


It’s time to decorate your home for fall! There are plenty of inexpensive ways to decorate for fall and stretch your dollar. Below are some fun and frugal ways to give your home an autumn awakening.

Display Blankets and Throws

As the days get colder; it is a perfect time to bring out your blankets and throws. Hang them over the back of chairs so that they are easy to grab when you get chilly. You can even hang pretty wall orange and red quilts on your walls to help welcome in fall’s spectacular color show.

Make a Fall Wreath

Your front door will look fantastic with a pretty fall wreath on it, but they can be expensive at the home decor store. Instead, make a burlap wreath and decorate it by gluing on miniature pumpkins or gourds. Hang some Indian corn from the middle and tie with a beautiful raffia bow.

Paint Rustic Boards

Rustic old boards are great pieces for fall decorating, paint your favorite fall words on them and hang them inside or out to welcome in fall’s ambiance. You can even create a whole fall corner by adding a hay bale and a basket of produce.

Employ Galvanized Tubs

Galvanized tubs are a great frugal decorating idea for fall. You can fill them with miniature pumpkins or gourds. On the other hand, cut a hole in them and hang them over light fixtures for a rustic look. You can even apply stickers on their outside or paint scenes on them to add to the ambiance.

Display Harvest’s Abundance

Taking an old red wagon and filling it with all the abundance of fall’s harvest is a great way to celebrate the fruits of your fall garden. If you did not grow one, then you can still head to the local farmers market to find apples, sweet potatoes, pears, cranberries and other seasonally available offerings.

Fashion a Candy Corn Candle

Nothing screams fall as much as the appearance of candy corn in your favorite store. Grab a bag and another for snacking before heading home to make this frugal craft. Just take a Mason jar and fill it with the candy corn and put a battery-operated tealight candle in it for a display that is perfect for fall.

Etch Fall Glassware

It is easy to make your own fall glassware. Simply tape an autumn leave on the outside of a glass or other container. Then, trace around it with a marker. Next, remove the leave and use glass etching compound to etch in the design. You can either drink out of your glasses or fill them with nuts like pecans or acorns to create an autumn display.

Construct a Fall Banner

Fall is the perfect time to make a banner out of burlap. Paint on them with acrylic paint or cut out some pretty fall fabric and glue in place. As an alternative, you can always use a fusible web. Fold over a piece at the top and display alone or hang several together to deliver a fall message.

Use Leaves

You can create an alluring display for your table with fall foliage, but you can also dry them and use them in many different ways. One option is to paste dried leaves on pieces of sheet music before adding a simple frame to create an autumn display.

Paint Pallet Art

Add a fun festive atmosphere to your front porch with some pallet art this fall. You can paint a big pumpkin on it or let your imagination go wild and create a more elaborate scene.

Plant a Fall Planter

It is incredibly easy to create a beautiful fall planter. Start with a fruit basket and add some garden soil. Then, plant a mum or other fall plant in it. You can even dress up the fruit basket by painting a fall scene on it.

Build a Pumpkin Totem

Head to your nearest discount store and grab some plastic pumpkins, gold spray paint, dowel rod, stick-on vinyl letters and a fall arrangement. Paint the pumpkins gold and drill a hole in each one. Stick the dowel rod down through the middle to make them more stable. Then, attach the vinyl letters and top with the fall arrangement.

Create a Fall Window Box

If your summer flowers have faded away, then use your window box to create a fall display. Add pine cones, fall flowers and miniature gourds to create a scene everyone is sure to enjoy.


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