Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January


Drinking is clearly something that a number of people do for New Year’s Eve, but there are some people that want to go into the new year dry. They want to turn over a new leaf. It may be part of a New Year’s resolution to start consuming less alcohol. Fortunately, there are some delectable options on the market for those that would like to engage in consuming beverages that are non-alcoholic.

A large number of people do not realize that there are so many choices for non-alcoholic beverages because they have never taken the time to look. There are in an abundant amount of options, but people have to get tapped into the sources in order to find out what beverages are going to best fit their lifestyle.

Non-alcoholic Red Wine

One thing that has become quite prevalent in the non-alcohol beverage community is red wine. It comes in an assortment of different flavors, and many people have stated that they cannot even tell the difference in terms of taste with some of these red wines.

The great thing about many wines like this is the packaging. Some of the bottles are so engaging and so similar to alcoholic beverages that guests may not be able to even tell. This is great for those that want to have the same type of party atmosphere without the fear of getting the guests – that have to drive home – drunk while they are on your premises.

Non-alcoholic Beer

When it comes to non-alcoholic beer there are a number of options that are available. People who like to test out different beers will find that there are some assortments in a variety of different types. People that are interested in some of their favorite beer brands find out that these companies also make non-alcoholic beverages that are comparable to the alcohol-based beverages that they also make.

Sweet Relief

There are a wide range of people that are looking forward to non-alcoholic beverages that are sweet. They have no interest in the bitter taste of non-alcoholic beverages that still have that alcohol taste. They would rather get something like raspberry fizz, a sweeter option for those who don’t want to drink any alcohol.

Consumers can also get a sweet taste of a cool refreshing drink with the blackberry shrub. Other sweet and tart drinks like Rosemary lemon drinks are also great for those that want something that is going to tingle their taste buds with only a bit of sweetness. Life can still be a lot of fun without any of the alcohol-based beverages. Some people like wine coolers, and there are also a lot of sweet drinks like the watermelon lime cooler that are ideal for those consumers that want to start the year off with dry beverages.

Mint Tea

Another thing that tends to perk up people that are looking for a colorful drink that is sweet with no alcohol is mint tea. Consumers that like variety have no shortage of options when it comes to mint tea. There are red rhubarb mint tea options is addition to other selections. There are also iced melon Moroccan flavors, along with honeydew mint tea too.

The Spritzer

People that are having social activities can never go wrong with spritzers. These are also drinks that tend to be colorful. Some hosts of parties may choose club soda and slices of lemon to give these spritzers a bit of a kick. Things like a cranberry grape or grapefruit spritzer are always popular when it comes to cocktails.

Sparkling Non-alcoholic Beverages

A lot of consumers have become fans of sparkling water. This has become something of a popular concept for those that are celebrating different occasions. People that are interested in a resolution to remove non-alcoholic beverages from their sights will benefit greatly for these types of sparkling beverages.

Virgin Hurricanes and Pina Coladas

A lot of people that drink are well aware that there are fruity drinks that get a lot of attention in the bar and restaurant environment. People that are fans of the Pina Colada or the Hurricanes will be glad to know that there are virgin versions of these type of drinks. These are drinks that do not contain any alcohol, but many people like the fact that there is still a strong kick when the right mix of ingredients are combined. There are ingredients that people can find that may simulate the sweet taste of rum without actually putting any alcohol into these drinks.


It seems like such a simple concept, but punch comes in so many different flavors that it is easy to have a party with different types of punch and never spike any of it with any alcohol. Lemon lime punch is a big hit with many people so it works well for those that are looking for a chance to try something different for the new year.

Banana brunch punch is also something that many consumers may not have tried before. This is a combination of orange juice with lemonade and bananas. It is a beverage that has a nice sweet and tart taste that you will remember. The same can be said with pink rhubarb punch. It is something that has a bit of a strong flavor, but the sweet taste is in there as well to balance things out.

A Seemingly Never-ending Assortment of Options

With all of the non-alcoholic beers, wines and wine coolers that are on the market you can start January with your exploration of these things. Those that are already familiar with punch, mint teas and spritzers will be able to add even more non-alcoholic beverage varieties to their mix.


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