Celebrate National Pizza Day


February is often a month known for cold and dreary days with one bright spot on the fourteenth for Valentine’s Day, but there are other things to be aware of. It is the shortest month of the year, and it contains one of the best days possible. No, leap years only happen every four years, so the twenty-ninth is not even under consideration. Okay, just to help everyone along, it is on the ninth and it is called National Pizza Day. Yes, there is an entire day devoted to honoring that most beloved food. Here are a few ways to celebrate it.

Pizza for Breakfast

For those purists who believe pizza is only for lunch or dinner, so was the burrito a few years ago. Modern chefs can create a fusion from two entirely different cultural cuisines, so there is no reason to believe pizza should be left out of the first meal of the day. For those who need a few ideas, think toast with eggs and a favorite meat. It could be the infamously tasty bacon and egg pizza, a French toast and sausage pizza, or it could be a toast with butter and a favorite jelly pizza. Whatever flavors and combinations suit the breakfast needs for family and friends is on the table.

Longing for Lunch

Weekdays can be difficult when hunger hits, and longing for lunch is not exclusive to this fabulous day. For those who are just waiting for an opportunity to eat, consider going to the local pizza parlor for lunch instead of brown bagging it. There are plenty of combinations to please almost any palette, and the round of sizes available today can be eaten by one person or an entire group. Inviting a few co-workers along might just be the ticket for a great work lunch, and even the boss might be willing to attend.

Afternoon Snack Habits

Many people have been focused lately on eliminating carbohydrates from their diet, and that means afternoon snack habits have become healthier. One day of the year is not going to really hurt too much if someone sneaks in one of those delicious little bagel pizzas for their  mid-day snack, and it might even spark a change in attitude/energy. Rather than being concerned about the crust, try focusing on creating an amazing menu of healthy toppings to make it a better bite.

The Dinner Menu

Inviting friends and family over for special events is generally a time when fun and laughter loom, and National Pizza Day should not be an exception. Creating combination pizzas that will please every palette can be a welcome challenge after a long week, but it will be worth the effort as the conversation stops when everyone is busy eating. There are so many combinations available today that it is difficult to imagine how there could be any diner not pleased with the dinner menu on this special day.

Creating Pizza Fun

Food is a great way to have fun in a crowd, but celebrating a special day often requires a bit more effort on the part of the participants. For those who love trivia, a quiz based on this versatile food could be a good way to get the party started while creating pizza fun. Look for fun facts about pizza online, or try to guess combinations of toppings and sauces based on people’s personalities. It can be a great way to loosen up a tired crowd and give them a reason to celebrate.

Getting the Goods

When it comes to eating pizza, getting the goods comes in many different ways. A visit to the local pizza parlor could be a good way to enjoy this tasty treat, but those who want to stay in might order delivery. A freshly made pizza carried right to the door is always a good way to start a meal, and there are plenty of shops willing to drive it on over. Getting the goods can even be ordered online instead of calling to get put on hold, and there is no confusion due to loud distractions on either end of the line.

Homemade Pizza

For those who would rather experiment in the privacy of their own home, there are plenty of ways to create the perfect pizza for a celebration. Dough that is ready to rise can be purchased, or the ingredients are available separately. The sauces that can be used are often available for those hesitant to create their own, or online recipes could be a fun way to get the experiment off the ground. Toppings are abound in the meat and produce aisles of any store, and they can be ordered online and delivered just in time to decorate the top of the pie before it hits the oven.

Red or White

While wine is often the beverage of choice when consuming pizza, the item here is the color of the sauce that is the base for the delicious toppings and cheese. A beautiful red marinara sauce is a traditional flavor many people have grown up with, but it might be a good day to branch out and try a white Alfredo sauce for a change. Have a contest between the two, and everyone will benefit for having tried something new and delicious.


A Delectable Crust

For those who believe in celebrating with gusto on any holiday, a delectable crust comes in many thicknesses and flavors today. A crispy thin crust is popular, but thicker crusts are also loved by many. Some restaurants have found rolling cheese into the edges is something that most consumers love, and others add different flavorings to the edges. Be brave and try out a few new combinations when it comes to crust and see what works.

National Pizza Day could become a favorite, but there is no reason to limit it to one day of the year. Ordering a flavorful pizza online or buying the ingredients for one made at home can be a weekly event so everyone will know what they want on the ninth of February next year.


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