Back to School Lunch Ideas That Your Child Will Love


Packing a meal and sending it with your kids is one of the best ways to ensure that they stay healthy and eat right while they are at school. School lunches aren’t always the healthiest, and sometimes, children often skip out on them if they don’t get something that they like. One of the key tips to inculcate healthy eating habits in your kids is by giving them food that they would like, and which gives them the right amount of nutrition.

One of the greatest challenges that parents often face is coming up with a menu that works for your kids. If you are looking for inspiration, here’s a list of some of the best lunch ideas that you can easily make for your children before they go to school.

Turkey Dinner Roll

Turkey salami is one of the easiest ingredients to use when trying to make different kinds of rolls, and a turkey dinner roll is a great way to try this ingredient out. A dinner roll can be incredibly healthy if paired with the right kind of add-ons.
Ingredients Used:
• Turkey Salami
• Cheese Slices
• Lettuce Leaves/Kale Leaves
• Whole Wheat Bread/Brown Bread

DIY Sandwich Lunchables

Lunchables might have been all the rage back in the day and it is something that is incredibly easy to replicate. A DIY Sandwich is incredibly easy to make and can be easily done by putting together a few ingredients. Pack the ingredients into separate plastic or silicone containers to prevent them from mixing together.
Ingredients Used:
• Bagel/Sandwich Bread
• Ham/Pepperoni
• Shredded Cheese
• Pizza Sauce/Barbeque Sauce

Sandwich Kebabs

If you are looking for a fun way to spice up your child’s lunch, this interesting take on the regular sandwich is the way to do it. All you need to do is take a barbeque skewer and line up a few ingredients. This may seem like a regular sandwich, but is something that the kids will love eating.
Ingredients Used:
• Whole Wheat Bread/ Brown Bread
• Lettuce
• Cheese Slice
• Ham
• Cherry Tomatoes

DIY Tuna Salad

Salads are one of the healthiest food options that one can choose, but kids often shy away from them because of the misconceptions that they have about them. Salads don’t always have to taste bland, and sometimes can be incredibly tasty and delicious. A DIY tuna salad is a fun and interesting way to have your kids eat their veggies and enjoy their lunch at the same time. Don’t forget to individually pack all the ingredients to prevent them from spilling over
Ingredients Used:
• Tuna
• Small Cheese Slices
• Broccoli
• Carrots
• Crackers

Teriyaki Chicken Lunch Bowls

If you are looking out for a more wholesome meal for lunch for your child, this teriyaki chicken lunch bowl is the perfect way to do that. The dish uses three main ingredients, chicken, rice, and teriyaki sauce. It requires a little bit of pre-planning and needs the chicken to be marinated before frying. After the chicken has been marinated in the sauce, the next step is to fry it. Once that is done, it just needs to be placed on top of steamed rice and garnished with a few spring onions.
Ingredients Used:
• Rice
• Teriyaki Sauce
• Chicken Breast
• Spring Onions

Rice and Beans

A healthy wholesome meal includes the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Giving your child a complete meal can sometimes be incredibly hard, which is why something simple like rice and beans with veggies is a great lunch idea. This can also be made the day before since rice and beans can stay fresh for a longer time.
Ingredients Used:
• Steamed Rice
• Kidney Beans
• Carrots
• Cherry Tomatoes
• Fruits (On The Side)

Breakfast for Lunch

Who says that breakfast can’t be had for lunch? Kids love breaking the monotony of their meals and having breakfast for lunch always seems like a great idea to them. One brilliant breakfast for lunch idea is giving them a mix of breakfast goodies. An orange or apple paired up with a hard-boiled egg is generally a good meal. Pair that up with Greek yogurt, and you have got yourself a wholly nutritious meal.
Ingredients Used:
• Choice Of Fruit
• Greek Yogurt
• Hard Boiled Egg

French Snack

Kids love cheese, and pairing up cheese and crackers is a good way to give them a lunch that they would enjoy. The cheese and crackers can also be paired up with any kind of meat, preferably one that is cut up into smaller slices that fit comfortably on the crackers. Pair these crackers with a choice of fruit, and you have a good tasty meal in front of you.
Ingredients Used:
• Crackers
• Cheese Slices
• Pepperoni or Ham Slices
• Choice of Fruit

Mini Cheese and Broccoli Quiche

Broccoli might be one of the most veggies around, but kids often don’t like this vegetable and make a fuss when given it. One of the best ways to make your kids start eating veggies for lunch is by pairing it up with something that they would like. Cheese is something that can go incredibly well with broccoli, and when put into a quiche, makes for a great and wholesome lunch.
Ingredients Used:
• Broccoli
• Cheese
• Egg
• Seasoning

Chicken Avocado Burritos

Avocado is another vegetable that is growing in popularity, and pairing it up with chicken in a burrito wrap is a good and balanced meal to give them. All you need to do is mash the avocado and mix it with pre-cooked chicken seasoning, and prepare the burrito. It is incredibly simple to make and extremely delicious.
Ingredients Used:
• Burrito Wrap
• Avocado
• Spring Onions
• Chicken

Taco Salad

Tacos are something that all of us tend to love, and your child will love it if you send them a taco for lunch. Even though when the word taco is spoken, we tend to immediately jump to the unhealthy options that exist, a taco can actually be incredibly nutritious if done right. The taco mix is an important part of this since it is what will impact the overall flavoring of the dish. Pair the taco salad with some hummus and carrots, and enjoy an incredibly healthy and delicious meal.
Ingredients Used:
• Hummus
• Carrots
• Taco Shells
• Ground Beef
• Salad Mix (onions, garlic, cumin, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, cheese, and salsa)

Grilled Cheese Roll-Ups

Who doesn’t love a well-grilled cheese sandwich and these roll-ups are a great way to give your child a fun an innovative lunch that was derived from this staple. The grilled cheese roll-ups are made similar to regularly grilled cheese sandwiches but do have a few extra steps. After the cheese has been laid on the bread, you have to roll it up tightly and fry them in butter. Make sure that they don’t open up during this process.
Ingredients Used:
• Cheese
• Bread
• Butter


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