Labor Day BBQ & Grilling Recipes


Labor Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning. While drinks and games will be a fun part of your celebrations, you know that most people are going to be looking forward to the food. To ensure that you have an event that will be talked about for months to come, start prepping for recipes that are as mouth-watering as they are fun to make.

Texas Brisket

Who can say no to a delicious brisket? You’d be hard-pressed to find a non-vegetarian/vegan who doesn’t. Even better is when the brisket is made Texas-style. You’ll just need the following for the perfect brisket that will wow your guests:
• Kosher salt
• Pepper
• 12 pound brisket
• Vegetable oil
• Oak logs
Brisket requires patience and if you want to do it the way that Texans do, make sure to use a smoker. Offset-smokers are a Texas favorite. Smoked brisket is a much-loved dish in Texas and you’ll be amazed at how much you may like it as well. While you won’t use the oak logs inside of your recipe, the wood will help you to get a perfect flavor on your Texas brisket, to help you impress your guests. Cook for eight or even more hours for perfect results.

Vegan Tacos with Avocado Cream

Most of us have friends or family who are vegans or vegetarians. There could be nothing more frustrating for your vegan friends than showing up to a BBQ that doesn’t have food for them. Make sure that this doesn’t happen by making some of the best vegan tacos around.
You’ll need:
• Avocado
• Greek yogurt
• Lime
• Cilantro
• Bell Pepper
• Zucchini
• Onion
• Tortillas
• Olive oil
The vegetables are a choice that can be left up to you. Consider the preferences of your guest and what could be the best option for grilling. Be aware that you want to grill the vegetables on a completely clean grill. Grill them with salt and pepper and top them with olive oil for grilling. This will give them a great taste the tortillas on the side once you have everything ready. The avocado cream is something that can be made in advance and is very easy to make. Simply blend the avocado, yogurt, and add cilantro, lime, and salt and pepper once the texture is smooth. Make sure to blend it once more with all the extra spices and flavor to ensure that you get a truly delectable tasting cream for your tacos. Chop up onions and cilantro for garnish on your tacos. You can be sure that this recipe will be a hit, both for your vegan guests and those who simply love any kind of tacos that they can get their hands on.

Gourmet Burgers

For meat lovers, hamburgers always go down well at BBQ’s. To make the best gourmet burgers around, consider adding toppings that are not the norm. Here is an idea for tasty gourmet hamburgers for a classy Labor Day BBQ:
• Egg
• Sausage
• Onion
• Ground beef
• Worcestershire Sauce
• Garlic
• Pepper
• Salt
• Shredded Cheese
• Bacon bits
Combine all of the above ingredients together to make mouth-watering burgers that will melt in your mouth. The cheese should be added after all the other ingredients have been mixed together to ensure that you get the rest of the flavors well-mixed. Make as many patties as needed to grill on your grill for tasty burgers that won’t be left uneaten. You’ll want to make sure to add some toppings that will make them stand out from ordinary burgers. Consider making an avocado cream dressing or a chipotle cream sauce for extra flavor that is optional. Peppers on the side, along with pickles, extra cheeses, and other special toppings can be the extra “cherry on top” for already delectable burgers. Make sure to have heated bread available for your hamburgers.

Bean Burgers

Probably not everyone on your guest list loves meat, but they may all love burgers. So, while you may have the delicious gourmet burgers ready for your meat-lovers, have you considered how to make the non-meat eaters happy? Bean burgers are a great and tasty alternative. Here is a recipe that will make your guests smile:
• Black beans
• Onions
• Lime
• Cumin
• Garlic
• Cilantro
• Salt
• Pepper
Cook your black beans beforehand, making sure to add enough salt and garlic to the water to provide flavor, but don’t make it too flavorful. Once your beans are done and cooled off, mash them up with a potato masher or anything else that can do the trick. Add onions, a touch of lime, cumin, garlic (powder), chopped cilantro, and salt and pepper. Mix the beans well. Refrigerate for an hour or so to firm up the mix and then take it out and start shaping them into patties. You can grill these on the grill, fry them in a pan, or bake them. You can always add a touch of chipotle or hot peppers to give a spicy kick to these bean burgers are add them as toppings on the side. A smooth, creamy sauce is always a good addition to these burgers, along with thinly-chopped lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and anything else that your guests could love on their bean burgers.

Grilled Corn Salad

A barbeque without salad may not be a successful one. For those who love their sides, a grilled corn salad is where it’s at. You can grill your corn before the guests ever arrive to ensure a flavorful salad that will be too good to ignore. What you’ll need for your salad is:
• Plenty of corn
• Tomatoes
• Your favorite cheese
• Bell pepper
• Salt
• Cilantro
• Vinegar
• Garlic powder
• Cucumbers
When you have your corn grilled, let them cool. You can cut the kernels off before you cool them or after, depending on your timing. Once the corn is cool and off the cob, you can add chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, bell peppers, and salt. Make sure that you cut the cheese into small cubes. Add a touch of vinegar (don’t be too heavy handed with it), garlic, and cilantro and mix your salad well. You can also use lime juice instead of vinegar depending on your personal preference. Make sure to cool your salad before serving. It’s a great side for any of your meat or bean dishes.

These recipes are simple yet delectable and are sure to be a hit at your Labor Day get-together.


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