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As the weather begins to get warmer, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to keep your home nice and cool once summer is in full swing. The natural inclination might be to reach for the thermostat to crank up the air conditioner, but the AC unit uses more energy than any other appliance in your home. However, with today’s modern air conditioning, you can actually cool your home for less. This will help you save energy and money on utility bills. This also protects the earth from harmful carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases.

At PSEG, energy efficiency is a top priority. PSEG Long Island customers can save up to $350 in rebates with a new energy efficient central air conditioner. This rebate applies to several different types of AC units that are energy efficient. If you are looking to replace your AC unit at home, follow the tips below.

Tips for Picking a New AC

1) Look for an Energy Star Rating
Look for an Energy Star Rating on a new AC unit. The Energy Star means that product met strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This will optimize the AC’s performance, while saving energy and money.

2) Check the SEER Rating

Check the models SEER rating (how efficient a unit is.) The hirer the rating the greater the efficiency, meaning you will save on electrical usage.

3) Hire a Pro
Hire a Pro to ensure a quality installation of your AC unit. Contractors from PSEG Long Island are experienced professional technicians who will ensure that the right sized unit is installed with no leaks.

4) Replace your Heating System
The only way to guarantee that your new AC performs properly is to replace your heating system too. For example, if you purchase a new energy-efficient air conditioner but connect it to an old furnace and motor, it will not work efficiently.
PSEG offers energy efficient rebates up to $450 to install ducted heat pumps.

Be sure to stay cool this summer with the air conditioning tips above.
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