Ways to Stay Safe at the Beach


During summer, beach accidents are prompt to happen. Ensure you stay secure at the beach with the safety tips below.

Safety Signals and Signs

Before you enter the beach, check, read, and understand all the signals and signs. Remember, different beaches use different colors and the mixture in flag colors can quickly lead you to danger. Ensure to pull the right strings and seek relevant guides for the sake of your safety.

Be Sober

Alcohol affects your sense of judgment and dehydrates your body. When you’re intoxicated, it increases the chances of drowning and falling victim to heat-related sickness increases.

Remember Shoes

When temperatures rise, the sand at the beach gets red hot. Be sure to wear shoes or beach sandals, so you don’t burn your feet. Wearing shoes will also protect your feet from the sharp objects or glasses buried under the sand.

Shades and Hats are Important

Exposure to the summer sun can cause a severe effect on your skin. Avoid direct contact with the sun so you don’t get sunburned. Apply sunscreen and find source of shade to cover your skin. Also remember to wear shades and hat, even when seated under an umbrella.

Lifeguard Position

Even if you are a skilled swimmer, swim where a lifeguard is present. Most swimmers drown in places where the lifeguard is not present.

Rip Currents

The rip currents can also happen in any water; therefore you must be aware of the sequence and their strength. If the currents are not strong, let the waves carry you. However, if the waves are strong, swim to safety. If you position yourself at the right place, the lifeguard will quickly run to your rescue.

Monitor the Weather

Lightening and large water bodies don’t always mix. Therefore you need to check on the weather keenly to ensure you are entirely safe. There is no need to be in a hurry. Remember the beach will always be there, and you can still have time to get to the beach later.

Be a Skilled Swimmer

It’s essential to ensure you are a good swimmer before you go to the beach. If you are taking kids with you, ensure they have swimming skills. Remember swimming in an ocean is by far different from swimming in a pool. Therefore, you must be ready to face all the challenges. Have a friend nearby to help one another.


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