Tips for Protecting Babies From Winter Weather


Winter weather means having to bundle up in layers in order to keep warm. If you have a baby, it’s essential that you know just how to keep them warm. Here are some simple solutions to protect babies from frigid winter weather.

Extra Layers

You should dress your infant in one extra layer than you would feel comfortable in. If you’re fine with a jacket, the baby should have a jacket and an extra shirt. Don’t put too many layers on them, however, since that can lead to blocked sweat glands and irritated skin.

Less Baths

This might seem unusual, but pediatricians say that infants under 12 months only need to be bathed twice or three times a week anyway. Too many baths, especially in the dry winter air, can lead to equally dry skin. If you must bathe every day, make sure that they only get lukewarm water of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t bathe them for longer than 10 minutes.

Exercise Caution When Covering Strollers

Even though it seems logical to put a blanket over the baby’s stroller, it can actually disrupt and limit air flow, which can, in severe cases, lead to death from SIDS. If you can get a cover from the manufacturer, then do so. Otherwise, just keep them bundled up and try to walk against the wind whenever you can.

Don’t Put Blankets or Coats Inside Your Car Seat

Putting a blanket insider your car seat seems like the right thing to do, especially on colder days when you have a lot of errands to run. In reality, putting a blanket between your baby and the straps means extra space between them. That extra space can mean less restraint and a greater risk for injury or death should an accident happen. Instead, you should warm your car up before you head out. If you need a cover, then get one that goes over the car seat and only covers the baby’s lower half.

Don’t Put a Blanket in the Crib

Don’t put a blanket inside the crib, if it gets too cold, make sure that they wear a one-piece sleeper or a sleep sack, which is a garment made from blanket materials. If you keep the baby’s room between 65-69 degrees Fahrenheit, then you won’t have to use these either. To keep the room’s humidity at the right levels, you should consider a humidifier.

If It’s Too Cold, Don’t Take Baby Outside

In this instance, too cold means an actual air temperature of 0 Fahrenheit or a wind chill of -16 Fahrenheit. Babies are more susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia than adults because of a combination of lack of movement and inability to regulate their body temperature like you can.


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